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7 Useful Tips That First-time Solo Travelers can Use

To go on an adventure with your usual pack of traveling wolves has been tried and tested.

But if you feel like wanting to experience something different from what you’re used to, going solo might tickle your senses.

While there are concerns raised when you decide to travel on your lonesome for the first time, they should not completely hold you back. In fact, these should only be your guiding light to ensure you stay safe throughout the journey.

Drop your worries and doubts behind, muster up the courage to do something you’d be thankful for. To help ease your mind, here are seven useful tips you can use when you travel solo.

1. Inform your loved ones

The number one unspoken rule of traveling solo is to let your family or friends, first and foremost, know about your plan and where you are heading to.

They must know the details of your trip, most especially when traveling to a remote area where access to phone calls and internet connection is sparse.

You should give your family member a copy of your schedule so they know when to expect your arrival at your next destination. If something unusual happens, they’ll know what to do and who to call for emergencies.

It’s a good thing we now have social media for instant connection with our families back home. You must update them about your whereabouts for your peace of mind and theirs as well.

2. Pick a safe destination

As a first-time solo traveler, your destination of choice is a huge deal in determining whether you’re up for a great start or end up with regrets.

We highly suggest you take the safe route first, and by that, we mean a country with a reputable tourism background. It’s important to prioritize your safety above all since this will only be your first time to explore on your own.

You’ll likely be safe on the street with other travelers, solo or group, and locals who won’t give you a hard time going about this first time experience. Trust that countries like this will give you that sense of freedom to do things on your own, all while reminding you to be respectful of their space and culture.

3. Do your research

Research is as important as choosing your destination. Since it’s foreign ground we’re dealing with here, you have to arm yourself with proper knowledge regarding rules and regulations, certain cultures that you may be unfamiliar with, and even their transport system.

It’s important to stay ahead of the game, and be prepared to go your way around— that or be completely surprised you brought all the wrong types of clothing because you didn’t do your research. Let’s not assume that all countries share the same transport rules, weather, and safety measures.

We live in a diverse world, and that’s the beauty of traveling. We get to experience this diversity and learn from it. So the next time we go flying, we’ll know by then how research plays an important role in making sure we stay safe while having fun during this adventure.

4. Don’t overpack

It’s understandable if you want to pack all sorts of this and that to ensure you have more than enough clothes and essentials for the trip. While this may seem like a good trick, it won’t last that way for long. You’ll soon realize how heavy it is and how you have to carry it around the airport to airport, streets, and alleys, and then from your hotel back to the airport—all on your own.

That’s why we highly recommend you pack as light as possible but enough to last the entire trip. You have to make sure your carry-on dimensions will fit all your necessities while letting you roam around freely without the fear of a terrible back spasm.

5. Be friendly to locals

Try as much to be friendly to locals because in case you haven’t noticed yet, you’re the stranger in this side of the story.

You have to be nice when asking for directions from the grocery store personnel, or when you’re asking for a translation. You do just that, and you might get an authentic local travel guide from none other than the people who were born and bred in the country you are visiting.

6. Try to blend in

To sashay your way around foreign streets with your gadgets and valuable jewelry on display is unnecessary. No matter how safe you may feel walking around a new territory, it’s still best to keep a low profile to avoid pickpockets trailing.

7. Trust your instincts

Your gut feel will save you from an ugly turn, that’s for sure. If your inner voice tells you not to take that road, don’t. It may seem like an eccentric way of knowing things, but there’s nothing to lose when you decide to follow your instincts.

When you’re traveling on your own, you only have yourself to trust in making decisions. You may argue with that voice inside your head, but you have to trust one another— no matter how ludicrous it may sound.

Traveling solo is a revolutionary way of discovering more about yourself and your potential. You don’t need to be a daredevil to try it. You only need to have enough fun bones in your body to take a shot at a solo adventure.

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The 3 European destinations you should visit this summer

Once the lockdown is over, tons of people are going to be ready to flock to the airport and go on holiday so that they can enjoy their new-found freedom. But, where should you go? With so many amazing destinations to choose from, you may have a hard choice narrowing it down to just one. We’re here to help, though. Read on to discover three of the best European destinations you should think about visiting this summer.


There is only one place to begin, and this is with Marbella. There are many reasons why Marbella is a recommended choice. There are lots of beautiful, luxury villas for sale in Marbella, and many people have decided to make Marbella their second home, so they can visit year after year. No matter whether this is something you’re interested in or you decided to stay in one of the amazing hotels, you are bound to enjoy your holiday here.

The beaches here are incredible. There is 27km of coastline across Marbella, with a total of 24 different beaches to enjoy. A lot of these beaches have been given Blue Flag status, meaning they excel in terms of water quality and they have top facilities. You also get to enjoy the VIP experience in Marbella. Celeb sightings are very much common here.

And, of course, we cannot mention Marbella without talking about the amazing food that is offered. Spanish food is a true delight. From light gazpacho to a heart paella; there is something for everyone. You also have to try tapas, which is an array of small dishes that you and your party can enjoy. It’s a real treat, and don’t forget to wash it down with some sangria.

If that wasn’t enough to test you, you will certainly enjoy Marbella if you are a party animal. The nightclubs here are great. You can spend the following day with a luxury game on one of the golf courses as well. From Marbella Club Golf Resort to Aloha Golf Club; there are plenty of options. When it comes to luxury, you are going to struggle to find anywhere that does it better than Marbella!


If you are looking for a bit of a different experience, we would suggest taking a trip to the capital of Hungary, which is, of course, Budapest. Budapest is a place that mixes the modern world and the old world to stunning effect. The charm of this capital certainly lies in the different cultural influences that have impacted the city throughout its long history.

There are also a lot of amazing attractions. This includes the medicinal waters, thermal baths, and luxury spas. You will certainly have a relaxing vacation if you decide to visit Budapest.

You may also be surprised to learn that there is a very vibrant and buzzing nightlife scene in Budapest. The city is very much alive with open-air clubs, bars, and good pubs. There are also a number of interesting and exciting festivals that take place throughout the year. This includes the CAFE Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, three-month Summer Festival, and Budapest Spring Festival.

If you like to shop until you drop, you’re also going to enjoy your trip here. There are plenty of markets, boutiques, and shops here. There are also a number of different shopping centres in the city too, including Campona, MOM Park, West End City Center, Arena Plaza, Allee, and Corvin Plaza. There are plenty of great places to eat in Budapest as well. This includes taverns, bistros, restaurants, and fast food places. We definitely recommend trying out the local food.


Another destination that is becoming more popular is Braga. The great thing about visiting Braga is that you are only going to have to take a short flight, as Portugal is not too far away at all! This also means that a trip to Braga won’t set you back as much as other holidays may. So, when it comes to value for money, Braga is definitely one of the best spots.

There is a lot to see and do in Braga, but one of the standout features of this part of Portugal is the fact that there are a lot of cultural festivals that take place throughout the year. This includes the Braga Theatre Festival. This festival sees theatre pieces performed in the streets of Braga. It tends to take place in June or July. There are also a lot of other festivals that go on during the summer months as well. This includes the popular Braga Jazz Festival, which welcomes a lot of local and international jazz artists.

Aside from enjoying the amazing festivals that take place in Braga, there is a lot to see and do here. The city is known for having a religious history, and so you can expect to see some of the world’s oldest churches. The Braga Cathedral is certainly an impressive place to visit, especially as it is one of the most historically significant buildings in all of Portugal.

You are also bound to enjoy the cuisine in Braga. There is a wide range of restaurants to try here, which tend to be affordable when compared to the higher prices you will expect in Lisbon or Porto. You may be wondering what traditional Portuguese food is like. Some of the staples in Portugal include sausages, pastries, spices, rice, and bread. Portugal is also one of the best places to enjoy seafood.

In terms of accommodation, Braga has a bit of everything. From luxury properties to affordable B&Bs to hotels in the city centre; you will be able to find the perfect place for you!

As you can see, there are some truly amazing locations that you should think about visiting this summer. If you opt for one of the holiday ideas we’ve mentioned in this blog post, we’re sure you will have a summer to remember for all of the right reasons!

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London’s Must Visits

Have you ever fly to London before? The capital of the United Kingdom, a true international metropolis, a place where you see traces of history often cracks the top 10 in everyone’s travel list. Though a very historic place, London surprises everyone with how they mix modern and historic together, making it one of the perfect travel destinations. Here I created an all rounded list of attractions to see in London, where you get to experience the culture and history as well as the fun and attractive side of London.

  1. Buckingham Palace

The grand Buckingham Palace comes to mind when talking about the historic side of London. Where Queen Elizabeth II resides, this royal palace has been the official home to many royals since 1837. Throughout the years, the palace has grown into a lavish place with 775 rooms, of which 188 are staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bedrooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms and 19 state rooms, spreading over 77,000 square metres. The palace is beautiful any time of the day. But if you wish to experience the traditional changing guards ceremony, be sure to arrive before 11:00am to get a good spot. Wanting to get a stroll inside this regal palace? Buckingham Palace is usually open to the public for guided tours in around August to September, make sure to check the official timetable and get your tickets in advance! Next to the palace are two of London’s royal parks, Green Park and St. James’s Park, feel free to take a walk after your visit and take in the refreshing scenery. A little fun fact for you to watch out during your visit, if the flag is flown in the palace, that means the queen is present in the palace carrying her royal duties or perhaps giving you a little wink.

  1. Big Ben

One cannot travel to London and not visit the Big Ben; it is the most recognised landmark of London. The Big Ben is actually London’s House of Parliaments, where bills and legislations are passed. The building was finally completed in 1859 after years of attempts. In fact the bell in the clock tower today is the exact same one from 1859. Located in the centre of London, Big Ben chimes every hour. Make sure to get to Big Ben around 15 to 20 minutes before the hour, appreciate the delicate yet breath taking building, take the perfect pictures then listen to the powerful chime. You will be blown away, I assure you! Big Ben has two very different sides of beauty during the day and night. If you have enough time, it’s worth visiting it twice during different hours. But if time were an issue, I would recommend visiting at night, when the entire building and the tower are lit up and reflected on River Thames. While the street is roaming with people and vehicles when everyone is trying to get home after a long day, an illuminated Big Ben strikes a chord of silence with its charm and elegance.

  1. Harrods

A perfect example of London being a professional in mixing modern and history today is the famous high-end department store – Harrods. Harrods was first built as a grocery store in 1849. After years of development and expansion, in 1901 to 1905, Harrods’ iconic dome like structure was built and kept till this day. Though one of the world’s best high-end department store, Harrods offers something to everyone; ranging from luxury fashion, to the most advanced technology and to an international food market. Even if you are not planning to do a shopping spree and break the bank a little in Harrods, this seven-floor department store is definitely worth a visit. Each floor has different themes and is designed by different artists, the magnificent interior design as well as its well known structure will put you in awe. Or perhaps step inside and imagine what life was like in the 20th century. If you are looking for an authentic British experience, I’ve got you covered! Harrods offers one of the best afternoon teas in London. Honestly nothing beats unwinding in an elegant tearoom while being inside a piece of history.

  1. Oxford Circus

Still on the hunt for another perfect place to shop in? Don’t worry! Oxford Circus might just be the place for you. Unlike Harrods, Oxford Circus is not a department store but a traffic crossing as well as a shopping paradise. Oxford Circus has a vast variety of stores, from budget to high street to high end. You will definitely find something that fits your budget in Oxford Circus! It’s also a great place to shop for souvenirs. Visit during the winter, and you will be blown away by one of the most romantic Christmas decorations. All stores in Oxford Circus will be dripping in fairy lights. You can also see the famous Christmas angels there. It’s truly breath taking and a great place to get that perfect Instagram travel picture. Christmas Lights in Oxford Circus are usually switched on in mid November till early January. So make sure to plan your travel ahead and do not miss this magical scene.

  1. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is the Time Square of London with its giant digital screen and all kinds of shops, restaurants and attraction sides. Piccadilly Circus is a road junction that joins a number of major streets in London together; it’s easy to walk to Piccadilly Circus from Oxford Circus. So the best plan is to do some shopping in Oxford Circus during the day then head to Piccadilly Circus at night for dinner and appreciate the lights. One of the busiest streets in London, you can see all kinds of things in Piccadilly Circus, sometimes you can even see street performers putting on their best show ever. If you are looking for local independent stores to shop from, you can head to Piccadilly Arcade. Stores in Piccadilly Arcade are often full of historical stories and are of the best qualities. Theatre is extremely famous in London. One of London’s famous theatres, the Piccadilly Theatre, is just right around the corner. Feel free to check what shows will be on that night and have a musical experience.

  1. Borough Market

Another busy spot for food during the day has got to be Borough Market. Be sure to visit with an empty stomach because trust me you would want to stuff your face with everything you see in the market. You can find all kinds of food in Borough Market, from fresh fruits, to traditional English cheese, seafood, dessert, truffles and all kinds of special drinks. Borough Market is like an indoor farmers’ market, you can get the freshest produce there. Borough Market in fact is actually another perfect example of mixing modern and history together. One of London’s oldest food market, Borough Market dates back to the 12th century. The market opens 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. Visit during lunch hours, get your lunch fixed and buy some special and tasty snacks for your friends and families back home!

  1. Camden

Tired of the historic tourists site? Up in Northwest London is Camden Town, a vibrant town next to the river with a street food market, all kinds of interesting shops and the perfect place for a fun night out. Most shops in Camden Town has their own unique exterior design, each shops makes an eye-catching picture! You can also buy special designs of fashion items in Camden Town. If you are hungry, the best thing to do is to grab a bite in the street food market, sit down near the river and enjoy your meal. Camden Town is a place that never sleeps, stay a bit later and have a fun night out with your mates!

  1. Brick Lane

Another fun part of London is Brick Lane. Like its name, buildings in Brick Lane are mostly built of age-old bricks from back in the days; the streets are also covered with cobblestones. As traditional as it sounds, Brick Lane is far from being traditional and boring. It is in fact a vibrant and exciting area in London when you can find some of the best vintage treasures in a bargain! Brick Lane is young and energetic, you can see amazing street art everywhere. And if that doesn’t make the ideal Instagram picture, I don’t know what does! The best time to visit Brick Lane is during the weekends at daytime when everyone is out and about, hunting for fun things! In Brick Lane Beigel Bake, you can get yourself one of the best beagles in town! So if you do visit Brick Lane, don’t forget to make a stop at the bakery.

If you are captivated by the beauty of London from this guide, then what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now! Book a trip with Cathay Pacific online and enjoy your stay. Cathay Pacific aims to provide every traveller the best air travel experience.

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Rafting – An Excellent Team Bonding Activity

As a business owner, you’re probably looking at ways to bring your team closer together. One way of doing it is to bring your employees on a white water rafting trip. Just imagine you and your team splashing down the rapids, working together to achieve a collective goal. Rafting is great for a variety of groups, whether that be employees, kids or sports teams. Everyone will benefit from a rafting trip with their group.

Working Together

If you want a group of people to work well together, it is necessary that they feel like part of a team. Everyone needs to pull together to achieve a goal, if they don’t, then nobody succeeds. If all your team believes that, then they can come together and accomplish something special. Experts at Rotorua Rafting NZ entertain a wide variety of groups who are on team building exercises. This type of bonding experience reinforces a healthy work relationship. It brings teams together and builds camaraderie between everyone. It is also great for sports teams who build a bond and understand the importance of trusting in each other’s ability.

Communication Skills

Listening is a vital tool for groups in all kinds of situations, whether in sports or in the workplace. Even if you are the boss of your company, there are times when you’ll need to listen to what others have to say. When on a rafting trip, hurdling down the rapids, you aren’t in charge. Everyone must listen to each other and work together as a team to achieve a goal. If you don’t listen and communication breaks down, that’s when you run into trouble. You need to put egos aside and listen to your raft leader when he gives out commands.

Positive Culture

Going on a rafting trip with a sports team or group of workers is a great way to engender a positive culture. As a business owner or head coach, you should understand the importance of creating an upbeat culture among your team. If individual members of your team feel valued and look forward to the time they spend together, you’ll get much more out of them as a group.


Some team building activities can be a little stale and tend to get boring quite quickly. The same cannot be said for white water river rafting. Rafting is an adventure which is great for people of all ages and backgrounds. You can also bring a team of mixed ages and genders as rafting doesn’t need a team containing young, old, male or female. It is an all-inclusive activity that all of your team will thoroughly enjoy and learn a lot from. Everyone can partake and enjoy the day out as a team.

One of the biggest benefits of bringing your employees or sports team on a rafting trip is convenience. You don’t need to pack any equipment or bring any extra items; all you need is waterproof clothing and a waterproof bag to protect your belongings. Rafting gets your group outdoors; it is affordable and great for team building projects.


6 Things to Pack When You Go on a Long Hike

Hiking is a great way to see the world, as the slow pace allows you to take in sights that you might not see when driving. It’s also a good way to stay fit and much more interesting than the gym. Once you are ready for longer hikes, organisation is key as it ensures you aren’t caught out by poor weather or unprepared for an emergency. Here are some things everyone needs for a long hike.

  1. Well-fitted shoes

If your feet hurt during a hike, then you are going to be miserable, so the most important thing in your kit should be hiking boots or specialist walking shoes. Don’t cheap out when it comes to this piece of kit. Visit a specialist store where staff know what they are talking about and can fit your shoes. Wear them in with a few shorter hikes before you hit the long trail.

  1. A first aid kit

Even if you are fit and healthy, emergencies can happen on the trail, so it’s worth having a supply of:

  • Bandages
  • Plasters
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Safety pins
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable gloves

Consider buying a ready-made kit that’s small and light, so everything will be packed and ready for you.

  1. Shelter for overnight stays

Longer hikes will usually involve sleeping overnight on the trail, and while this can be an amazing experience, you need to think about your comfort after a long day of hiking. It’s worth looking for Southern Cross swags for sale so that you have some basic shelter from the elements and are protected from pests like insects when you sleep.

  1. Water supplies

Water is essential on long hikes in the bush, as dehydration can set in quickly and be extremely dangerous. You may not be able to carry all the water you need, so make sure you have a sturdy reusable bottle and water purification tablets, so you can drink safely on the trail.

  1. Snacks for energy

Most hikers carry dehydrated food for meals, but snacks are also handy for when you need an energy boost and don’t want to stop. Look for foods high in protein and with good fats, such as:

  • Veggie sticks with peanut butter
  • Trail mix
  • Nuts
  • Granola
  • Bananas
  • Dried fruit
  1. Light layers

Some novice hikers make the mistake of not taking enough layered clothing with them. If you set off in the morning, then it may be warm and sunny, so you think shorts and t-shirt are enough. But you can soon find yourself caught out by a chill, and at night, it can be absolutely freezing. Pack light layers that offer moisture wicking to keep you comfortable and free of sweat.

The key to enjoying a long hike is being prepared, so make sure you pack the above and any other essentials you think you might need along the way. While you’ll need to keep things light, it’s important not to forget the things that’ll make your hike easier, or you may want to give up halfway through.

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Top Unusual Things to Do in Ukraine for an Enticing Vacation

A developing and young country, Ukraine is the largest in the whole of Europe and the 46th largest in the world. Ukraine boasts some of the most marvelously built Orthodox churches, amusement parks, beautiful architecture, magnificent Black Sea coastline and forest covered mountains. From interesting history to amazing architecture, from delicious cuisines to Kiev sauna massage, there are plenty of reasons to visit Ukraine.

Once you make up your mind to go to Ukraine, here are the top unusual things you should do there for an enticing vacation:

  • Amazing underwater museum at Cape Tarkhankut

This is located one hundred meters off the coast at Cape Tarkhankut, which is the westernmost part of Crimea. This museum is a unique one that comprises of sculptures, which are known as the ‘Alley of Leaders’. There are approximately 50 busts and sculptures of former Soviet leaders as well as replicas of some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world. Since then, the museum has been growing and new exhibits are added regularly. The museum is also a popular scuba diving site and you shouldn’t miss it if you are looking for fun things to do in Ukraine.

  • Party in Odessa

One of the best things that you can do in Ukraine is party in Odessa. The audience hall is downright gorgeous as it towers as a symbol of luxury and opulence and is inspired by French Rococo architecture. There are numerous parties hosted by the various bars and clubs and thousands of people attend them. If you love partying, you should find Odessa accommodation close by as it will give you a great opportunity to have fun.

  • The vibrant Multimedia Fountain Park

The largest floating fountain in Europe, which is one of its kind, is called the Multimedia Fountain Park and it can only be found in Ukraine. It is visually appealing because it combines fountains, light and music built in Southern Bug River. It is one of the most popular spots in Vinnytsia City and will provide you a wonderful evening, as promised. Lots of visitors get their tickets reserved on the terrace so they can get some of the best views of the multimedia shows.

  • Visit the historical Lviv Arsenal

If you enjoy exploring the past and learning about history, then visiting Lviv’s Arsenal should be on top of your list. There are three historical buildings that you will find in this city; Royal Arsenal, Lviv Arsenal and Sieniawaski Arsenal. You can find out about the historic clashes of power that took place and take in the show of might and grandeur. It is the perfect place for you to dig into the past of this beautiful city.

  • The incredible beauty of Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

This is a breathtaking castle that’s located in the western part of Ukraine in the historic city of Kamianets-Podilskyi. This city was only a defensive construction in the 12th century, but now things have changed. Today, it is an open air museum. In fact, it takes third place amongst the important architectural structures after Kiev and Lviv. Apart from that, the place is also surrounded by the perfect scenery, which comprises of precious green landscapes. It is regarded as one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine and any visit to Ukraine would be incomplete without visiting this magnificent castle.

  • Check out the abandoned city of Pripyat

After three decades of dealing with terrible reactor meltdown, the city of Pripyat that was abandoned is finally gaining popularity. The Chernobyl Nuclear Station exploded in 1986, which led to a fire and caused huge damages. If you want to explore this abandoned city, you first need to get permission from the government. You can obtain passes for touring this city from one of the tour companies in Kiev. The remnants of the massacre are quite surprising and wild creatures now inhabit the city, which gives a slight touch of danger.

  • Explore the National Chernobyl Museum

If you are curious about the Chernobyl incident, you should definitely schedule a trip to the national Chernobyl museum. It exhibits the catastrophic nuclear incident that happened. There are a total of three exhibition halls that convey information about what happened and how interactions between humans, science and technology can take place. You will certainly learn something when you visit this museum and can easily find Kiev accommodation nearby so you can visit it as much as you like.

  • Experience nature at Priest’s Grotto

Underneath the wheat fields farmlands of Western Ukraine, you will find Priest’s Grotto. It lies over an underground lake, caves and enormous explorable passageways. You will also find the Gypsum Giant cave where 38 Jews lived to survive during one history’s darkest eras. It is one of the top natural spots that you should visit when you travel to Ukraine.

  • See the Darth Vader statue

Located in Odessa Ukraine, this renowned black helmeted statue is a monument to Lenin. He was supposed to enhance Ukraine’s socio-economic structure. The government of Ukraine ordered the removal of all communist monuments in 2015, but a unique treatment was given to this monument. A new titanium façade was proposed by the famous artist Alexander Milov. The monument’s helmet conceals a Wi-Fi access point.

  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War

One of the largest museums in Ukraine, it memorializes the story of the German-Soviet war. It commemorates the patriotic aspect of World War II and has a total of 300,000 exhibits. The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is located on a hill and is about 25 acres. It is a must-visit destination for tourists as it showcases breathtaking views of Dnieper River. While there are tons of museums in the world that are devoted to military action, this one is truly spellbinding because of its aesthetically proclaimed and rare collections.

These are some of the top unusual things you can do if you want your vacation to Ukraine to be an exciting and fun-filled adventure.

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Thomas N Salzano – four unknown long-term traveling tips

Traveling is an experience that fills the mind and the soul with enriching memories. Thomas N Salzano, an avid traveler, and blogger says that traveling can have a considerable impact on your life. It not only opens new avenues but also keeps you motivated and active. Traveling will enable you to inculcate new experiences and memories especially when you’re planning a trip to a different country.

Traveling has umpteen benefits and the impact of traveling regularly on your life cannot be denied. Especially if you are an individual who loves to travel for months and to different countries. Traveling long-term can be a life-changing experience for many. There are a plethora of benefits attached to traveling long-term. Until and unless you embark on your long-term traveling journey, you will not be able to understand what traveling has to offer and what impact does it have on your life.

Many of us are intrigued by the traveling stories our fellow mates share with us when back from their journey. When this feeling of green-eyed jealousy becomes overwhelming, you might decide to embark on your own traveling journey that you’ve always dreamt about. Thomas N Salzano guarantees that stepping aboard on this travel journey will indeed be the best journey of your life.

Below stated are four unknown long-term traveling tips that will make your traveling journey a memory worth cherishing.

Plan the duration of your stay

Yes, the idea of planning a long-stay vacation that has no time limit sounds tempting and interesting. But in reality, this might not be the most feasible option. It is important for travelers to properly plan the duration of their stay. This way, you will be able to plan your stay effectively and keep a tab on your finances.

Check accommodation prices before booking your stay

Make sure you take a moment and analyze the place of your accommodation. Various websites that offer enormous discounts on stays. You can check those websites if you are planning a long stay. To avoid unnecessary costs you can also rent an apartment and make it a comfortable stay for yourself. Apartments are available at a must cheaper rate as compared to hotels. The best part is that you can select the location of your apartment as per your choice and live comfortably at your convenience.

Narrowing the communication gap won’t be an easy task

In the initial days of your long vacation at an unknown destination, you might experience difficulty in communicating with the locals. Well, you will be spending a lot of time in a foreign land, then why not learn some commonly used phrases. Learning a new language is not an easy task, but frequently interacting with the locals will surely help you get a hang on the language. Since it will be a long vacation for you, you can register for language learning classes as well.

You might not like the country you’re traveling to

Don’t expect that every country that you travel to will have everything nice to offer. Sometimes your experience might not go as expected. But you can make it a positive experience by indulging in cultural activities and increasing your span of knowledge. If you’re traveling solo, you can invest time in experimenting with different activities and make your travel experience worth it.

Thomas Salzano says that since you’ll be gone for a longer period of time discovering yourself, it is important that you also keep an eye on your monetary constraints. If you’ll be traveling for months, you can look for some local jobs or even part-time/full-time jobs. This way, you’ll maintain a steady flow of income while continuing to enjoy your love for traveling. Initially, you might experience a cultural gap, but once you adjust to the new atmosphere, you’ll start cherishing every moment. There’s a lot in store for you, it’s just about realizing and waiting for that one moment when you decide to embark on your travel journey. Once your traveling journey starts, you will witness life-changing lessons that will stay with you, reshape you, and change you completely.

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Secrets to Budget Travel: Travel the World While Being on a Budget

Budgeting for a trip can be really tricky as traveling itself is quite an expensive hobby to have. You have to foreign transaction fees, exchange rates, and everything else that you need to take care of without burning a hole in the pocket. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks using which you can travel around the globe without facing the risk of emptying your pockets!

Here are a few tips to help you travel across the world while being on a budget:

Travel Tip No. 1: Explore on foot

Exploring a new place is important for you to understand its culture and heritage that it offers. So, why not walk while you’re doing exactly that?

There are two ways in which you can save money when you’re traveling. First, walking to different places that you would want to visit. Second, learning and using the public transit system instead of opting for private services.

A little bit of self-powered locomotion will not only help you save some money, but you will actually be able to experience the place much better.

Travel Tip No. 2: Skip checked-bag fees

A checked bag – or more – can you set you back by at least $100 which can increase your overall travel budget. This is one of the main reasons why expert budget travelers save money by avoiding checked bag fees.

Instead, make a point to travel light and opt for a capsule wardrobe – apparel pieces that can be mixed and matched – and some basic necessities that you would need to make your stay comfortable. There is also the advantage of more room to bring home some souvenirs from your trip.

Travel Tip No. 3: Select a budget-friendly destination

Being on a tight budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to curb your wanderlust. One of the best ways to make sure that you keep traveling is to select budget-friendly destinations.

There are so many places that are cheaper than other destinations, and yet can offer you an enriching and fun experience. According to Forbes, some budget vacation destinations include Greece, Zanzibar, Vancouver, Naples, Croatia, Greece, and Saint Martin.

Why you‘re at it, you can save some serious bucks if you travel during the off-season of your destination. For example, if a particular place is renowned for its beautiful summers, make a plan to visit it during winters. You will be shocked at seeing the prices as nearly everything will be far cheaper – flights, accommodation, meals, rental car prices, and so on.

Travel Tip No. 4: Replace hotels with hostels

While safe accommodation remains undebatable, if living in a hotel looks financially out of reach, you can always opt for living in hostels. Not only are these places rather cheap to stay for days at a stretch, but you also don’t have to worry about safety issues.

While it is also true that you might not experience the luxury of superior comfort as living in a private suite, you can always carry some of your essentials such as a sleep mask and earplugs for sleeping to ensure comfort. In fact, we would highly recommend you to invest in a neck pillow that can double as a traditional pillow when the need arises.

Travel Tip No. 5: Be thorough with your research

Research – thorough research – can be really helpful to help you save money at your destination.

Knowing which neighborhoods to visit or stay in, places where you can eat at a lower price, malls where you can shop, and specific days where you might be able to score discounted fees, are well-concealed tricks of a seasoned budget traveler.

Yes, we are aware that it may not sound as glamorous as we’d want it to but being prepared with complete research is imperative to make way for budget-friendly travel.

Travel Tip No. 6: Consider alternate airports

Not many people are aware of the importance of considering alternate airports. After all, where you fly is as important as when you fly. The United States of America has many major cities and even places abroad that have alternate airports that often offer low-cost airlines. So, if your final destination is somewhere outside the main city, try to find an outlying airport that is cheaper and might bring you closer to your destination.

One of the best ways to score deals is to consider the one where you depart from. Keep your eye out to look for better prices whenever you are benchmarking prices to your destination.

Travel Tip No. 7: Use travel credit cards

Signing up for a credit card that offers travel miles can be your first step to save money for travel. Who knows, your flight might just be completely free!

But as good things come at a price, you have to use your credit card for everyday purchases and then pay off the bills at the end of every month. Remember, the catch here is to pay off the balance entirely and not only in partial payments. Once you follow this successfully, you’ll be able to earn free miles and points that you can use for travel.

Before you use credit cards, don’t forget to compare different credit cards to make sure you are securing the best deals with regards to miles and points.

Travel Tip No. 8: Always have a flexible approach

One of the main keys to being a budget-savvy traveler is to have a flexible approach. We are talking about situations where you might need to drop certain plans to take advantage of a last-minute deal that can help you explore the destination you haven’t ever seen before.

Being rigid or simply not being able to change your everyday schedule may not be useful for your travel plans. So be on the lookout for better deals that can help you explore a place without being too heavy on your pocket.

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Holidays & Vacation

How To Select Best Holiday Accommodation In Barcelona

Most of the visitors moving towards the capital city Barcelona always like to choose an apartment in rentals for the vacation. The apartments and the hostels offer more privacy than the hotels and also help in saving the money. In the apartments and the hostels, you can cook your own food and mainly you can sleep in the larger groups in the same place. The apartment rentals or the hostels are growing in importance in these days as they are affordable and easy to access.

However, there are various questions to keep in mind when you are choosing the apartment or the youth hostel in Barcelona. Do you want to enjoy the beach holiday or the full Catalian neighborhood? Do you searching for the 3 bedroom space or the stylish studio? Or you are taking the day trips and looking for the accommodation to stay at night?

If you are choosing the right type of accommodation, you can look for the top tips to choose the apartment in Barcelona?

  1. Choose the best Barcelona neighborhood?

If you are choosing the best neighborhood, it is the best way to choose the apartment. This helps you to make your holiday memorable and lifetime experience. The Catalian capital is having 10 main districts and several tourist neighborhoods in the outskirts. There are various rental hostels that offer the best accommodation facilities to the visitors for spending the holiday in Barcelona.

  1. Reputation and popularity-

When you are looking for the youth hostels in Barcelona or the apartments, you can check the reputation and popularity in that area. The accommodation facility that is having good popularity in the market is the best to select.

  1. Facilities and amenities-

When you are choosing the accommodation, it is very important to check the amenities and the facilities that it is offering you. The people are heading towards Barcelona for various reasons. The apartment that you are choosing should be best in terms of location and size. You can check the reviews of the clients through the testimonials in the websites.

These are some of the facts that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the best accommodation in Barcelona.

Holidays & Vacation

When Going On Holiday, Make Sure You Travel In Style

When we go on holiday every year, we usually prefer to do something we have never done before. Regardless of the activity we choose, if is anything from camping to mountain climbing, we also like to travel in style. This often means renting luxury vehicles such as campervans, which provide a unique style of travel that not many people get to experience. However, these days there are many companies that rent campervans for a holiday at reasonable prices, which means more and more people will soon enjoy the luxury and convenience of travelling this way.

What are Campervans?

Campervans are custom-made vehicles that are made with luxury and convenience in mind. They are larger in size than most other vans and can sleep up to four people comfortably. Campervans come with either two or four berths and can hold up to 75 litres of petrol, which means that they can go a long way between stops. They come in both manual and automatic transmission. Additionally, they have features that include: air conditioning and heating, anti-lock brakes, airbags, refrigerators, microwaves, radios and CD players, beds and bedding, kitchens and kitchen supplies, and water tanks that hold up to 86 litres. Travellers can sleep, eat and rest comfortably without ever leaving the campervan itself. Activities such as camping and beachside activities are especially enjoyable when renting a campervan, although the vehicles offer a spectacular holiday experience regardless of what you are doing.

Campervans are also easy to drive and have 240V plug-ins for your various appliances and devices. In short, campervans are the perfect addition to any holiday, regardless of what type of holiday it is.

Renting Campervans

Campervan rental is fairly inexpensive and simple to do. There are numerous companies that rent campervans for holidays and these companies are dedicated to providing travellers with the ultimate in luxury and convenience during their holiday experience. Whether you are a couple on your honeymoon or a family that wants to make the most of your time together, renting a campervan is a smart thing to do. The vehicles offer high-quality workmanship as well as top-notch accessories like towels, cutlery, bed linens, and more. These vans essentially feel like a home away from home and allow travellers to relax and enjoy their holiday or another excursion. Regardless of where you are going or what you enjoy doing, campervans make the entire trip extra special.

You can rent one of these campervans very easily, since most of the companies that offer them have professional websites that will tell you everything you need to know about your rental. This includes full-colour photographs of each campervan and complete details on fuel consumption, size, and amenities. They will also give you information on extra items you can purchase or rent for a small fee, such as baby or booster seats, portable GPS devices, fans and heaters, and extra chairs or tables. In many cases, you can even reserve the campervan online, which allows you to begin your unique holiday experience that much sooner.