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Touring North Vietnam Highlights Quickly In 6 Days

North Vietnam is better covered in a good one to two weeks time. If you don’t have a full week, you can yet plan a quick tour of North Vietnam in just 6 days. The Northern Vietnam Travel offers breathtaking landscapes, sceneries, mountains and seas, islands and forests, and lush green rice fields which tell about the diverse geography and vegetation of the country. Much of these can be covered in the 6 days plan, where you can get a bit of everything into your experience bag.

Travel To North Vietnam In 6 Days

The places which can be included in the North Vietnam Tour 6 days are, Hanoi, Sapa, andHalong Bay mainly.


Let this day be reserved for a relaxing tour of Hanoi upon arrival, as you explore the city yourself. You will see touch of modernization amidst the traditional culture through the city. The building and shops, the streets and food can be explored through the day, as you also enjoy the famous water puppet show.


The day is for touring the hilly terrain of Sapa where you can enjoy the cool mountain winds. Transfer to Sapa is completed by morning, and then you can take a walk through the Cat Cat village which is filled with the local tribal. The beauty of the village amidst the mountains is in having rice fields, and waterfalls, which adds to the natural beauty of the place.


You may choose to trek on day 3 in Sapa. A trek started in the morning from the Muong Hua village of Lao Chai is completed at Black H’mong village. Through the trek you will see the beautiful paddy fields. You may continue the trek till the Dzay tribe village, and see the tribal way of life there. This excursion gives a perfect view of the tribal life in North Vietnam. Take rest at Sapa at the night and next day the transfer will be at Hanoi at morning.


At Hanoi you can do the day city tour in the city, and the places of interest are the Ho Chi Ming Mausoleum, the temple of literature, the Presidential Palace, one pillar pagoda, and much more. You must not miss the puppet show in water at Hanoi.


Halong bay is the destination on 5th day. As you arrive the Halong City at morning, you can then plan the day with a nice cruise over the Halong Bay. This is the famous cruise which tourists from the world come to enjoy. You can view the limestone caves, the wonderful floating houses on rafts of the fishermen, the hilly islands and the beautiful rock form through cruising and kayaking.

Day- 6:

Finally, on 6th Day it’s time to get back to Hanoi from where you will be departing. You can do some good shopping through the day while doing your last minute packing.

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Try Out Some Of These Best Pubs, Bars And Clubs In Pune

If you thought Pune’s nightlife is cold, think again! The past few years have seen the city giving birth to many exciting new clubs, and now the city see clubs mushrooming up everywhere. Keep a tab on cheap flight tickets and you can get yourself a good deal to visit the city. Check for places like Chennai to Pune flight fare and book your tickets as and when the fares drop low so you do not spend too much on travel and save some for your partying in Pune.

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Pune is on the run to becoming a modern city. The once conservative city is now growing leaps and bounds and with the settlement of youngsters studying and working there, there has been a lot of changes in the city, especially in the nightlife of the city. Students from Chennai can wait for the Chennai to Pune flight fare to go down and book a ticket to Pune to celebrate and party with their friends in Pune. Pune nightlife is more closed off and less expensive than Mumbai’s, however no less fun! Here is a list of some of the top bars and clubs in the city.

Oak Lounge

Oak lounge is one of the first and the most happening spots in Pune. Although many more nightclubs and bars have come up now, Oak lounge still has a series of very loyal customers who till date, visit it regularly. Regardless of partying anywhere else, loyal and regular customers always end up coming back to Oak lounge to close the night. All kinds of drinks ranging from beers, whiskey, scotch, bourbon and various kinds of spirits and cocktails are served. Visitors rave about its current and smooth stylistic theme, delicate lit with candles, best in class comforts and phenomenal acoustics that make any night a special and exciting one.

Pancard Club

PanCard Club is one of the best Pub names in Pune with the biggest open air venue, arranged at the edges of brilliant foothills of Baner Hills. It is one of city’s prestigious recreation clubs, perfect to party your socks off. It is gloats of a delightful eatery and bar that serves everything to flawlessly suit your gathering requirements.

Club 09

Club 09 is one of the incredible places to go to if you are confused on where to party in Pune. Club 09 brags of both an indoor and an outdoors space with the ideal background for crazy partying. From a range of best DJs playing the latest tracks and mixes, mouth-watering food and drinks and an incredible dancefloor, Club 09 is as hipped, fun and cool as its name!


The place with the best interior decor of the lot, Eternia has a tropical feel to it. The interior will definitely please you and you won’t mind spending your money for such a beautiful place. The inside of the resto-lounge-bar improves the look with agreeable seats, delicate brilliant lights, abutted outdoors feel, and so on. Food is also a definite calling to this place with yummy sauces alongside beautifully cooked and baked meat and wedges, lip-smacking canapés and snacks and significantly more that would shake your midnight party.

Area 51

Area 51 is India’s first spinning club, oversaw by Panoramic Group, which has a sensational appeal to shake your gathering. Set on to the edges of Pune at Baner Hills, Area 51 encompasses the stunning of Pancard Club with only 15-minute drive, it has a multi-reason venue with a throbbing discotheque, extravagant inside, enchanting design, bleeding edge light, solid framework and adaptable seating formats. Having everything idealize at Area 51, it is in the top rundown of Best Bars and Pubs in Pune for New Year Party 2015.

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Visiting Ibiza In The Off-Season

It may come as a surprise to many, but a yacht charter in Ibiza opens the door to far more than just a one-dimensional clubbing experience. Even though, around the globe Ibiza is most famously known as a world-class party destination, this reputation really doesn’t do the island justice. Certainly during the peak summer season, which runs from roughly July to September, the nightlife in Ibiza buzzes unrelentingly, seven days a week, and the resorts, hotels, beaches and markets are heaving with holidaymakers and families. The weather is beautiful, and you’d be hard pressed to be bored. Yet, for those looking for something a little different than the standard yacht charter in Ibiza, the off-season in this enchanting Balearic hotspot also has its own unique charms.

What to do (including if it rains!)

In truth, it’s unlikely to rain, because Ibiza has over 300 days of sunshine a year on average. The coldest month on the island is January, where the mercury dips to a positively pleasant 12°C, but in October, for instance, the average temperature is still over 21°C. In summary, though it might not be warm enough for a comfortable New Year’s dip in the sea (unless you’re quite brave), any month you choose to visit Ibiza is likely to bring you weather that’s at worst mild, and at best, surprisingly lovely.

One of the best things to do in the off-season on a yacht charter in Ibiza is simply let go of all you’ve left behind and – relax. Sip cocktails on deck, as you gaze at the coastline slipping past and marvel at the island’s stunning scenery. Head to one of Ibiza’s elegant spas, like Atzaro, for an invigorating detox and rub shoulders with the toned and tanned who know better than to compete with the usual peak-season throng. The quiet, calm and unique beauty of the island will be the perfect complement to a restorative body treatment.

Where to go

When you’ve had your fill of sunbathing on the deck of your yacht charter in Ibiza, the off-season offers the perfect time to explore some of the island’s history and beauty, at your own pace – without becoming quite as hot and bothered as you otherwise might have in the mid-August sun. Take a long day trip to the magically medieval Ibiza Old Town, and feel yourself transported to another world as you explore the maze of beautiful stone streets, and get a casual spot of shopping done at the charming boutique shops.

The markets remain open in the off-season, and they’re a must visit. Take a jaunt to Cala Llenya on a Sunday – it’s a treasure-hunter’s paradise.

Where to eat

If you’re planning a yacht charter in Ibiza, then be sure to savour some of the delectable drinks and fare on offer at the Marina harbour. This waterfront spot is home to so many bars and cafes, that it’s hard to choose which to sample first. It’s also a great vantage point from which to check out the beautiful boats on show.

Out of season, the local cuisine really comes into its own. There are so many celebrated restaurants on the island that it’s hard to pick a favourite – the best idea is to follow your nose and explore!

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What Do You Need To Consider When You Are Hiring An RV

When you are planning a campervan trip around California, you should inspect lots of different vehicles. Prior preparation will ensure that you have a vehicle that is going to serve you well for the entirety of the trip. Seeing California by campervan is going to be much better than just flying between your destinations or taking a train.

What do you need to consider when you are going to hire an RV?

How Many Miles To The Gallon Can The Campervan Do?

If you are travelling on a very long trip, then the fuel economy of the campervan is going to be extremely important to you. Instead of choosing a campervan that uses a lot of petrol, make sure that the study the miles to the gallon carefully.

You will be able to find RV rental in Los Angeles which is extremely economical, and you will not have to fill up the petrol tank many times when you are on your trip. This is one of the most important considerations which you need to take into account before you set out on your journey.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring The Campervan?

One of the most important considerations is the cost of the campervan. You will be able to find a campervan of any size that is going to suit your budget, whether you want to travel in style or just need something functional to get you from A to B.

You should be aware that trying to find a campervan for rock bottom prices might backfire. Instead, you should be prepared to spend a little bit of money to ensure that you have a campervan which is suitable for your trip.

How Spacious Is The Campervan?

Space is an important consideration when you are thinking about hiring a campervan. Instead of hiring something that is going to be cramped and claustrophobic, you should look to hire a spacious campervan for a reasonable price.

You could hire a campervan that has a couple of separate bedrooms and space for a dining table. You will want to do this if you are travelling with a large group of your friends or you have your family in tow.

How Well Does The Campervan Handle Corners

The next thing that you need to think about when hiring a campervan is the handling. You will want your campervan to go round corners smoothly and to handle easily. Ask to test drive several different campervans in order to gauge which one is going to offer the smoothest ride on your road trip. Reputable companies will be only too happy to accompany you on a test drive to see if you like the van or not.

How Good Is The Campervan Suspension?

The campervan suspension needs to be high quality so that people do not feel any bumps as they are travelling over highways.

When you hire a campervan there are lots of different aspects to consider.

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Where Are The Best Beginner Diving Spots In The Med

The Mediterranean’s calm, crystal clear waters and excellent visibility make it a great place for beginner divers, as well as the more advanced. There’s plenty to see when diving on a Mediterranean yacht charter – from rare Mediterranean monk seals and ancient artefacts in Greece, to the stunning volcanic formations and teeming marine reserves of Southern Italy.

A luxury yacht charter is the ideal launching pad for your underwater adventures, as you float in luxurious, decadent privacy from one spectacular dive site to the next. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top destinations for beginner divers in the Mediterranean.

Diving on an Italy Yacht Charter

When on an Italy yacht charter, the glimmering sapphire waters of Sardinia beg to be explored. The rocky limestone coast of Sardinia has created an underwater wonderland of caves, drop-offs, and tunnels, with spectacular caverns at Costa Paradiso, Isola Rossa, Cagliari, Capo Caccia, Paulau and La Maddelina.

The Sicilian island of Ustica offers some of the most exceptional diving in the Mediterranean, with an incredible volcanic topography and a teeming marine reserve. The seabed is made of black volcanic rock and the nutrient-rich waters attract an explosion of marine life: vast schools of barracudas, groupers, and giant amberjacks call the Sicilian waters home. Le Alghe Bianche is also a fantastic easy dive down to an ancient Roman pier, where you’ll find amphorae in a cave and a nearby wall covered in gorgonian fans and sponges.

Diving on a Malta Yacht Charter

Malta’s warm, clear waters and breathtaking rocky coastlines make the island one of the Mediterranean’s best diving locations, with lots to offer both beginner divers and the more advanced.

Dive to see the Madonna statue at Cirkewwa, swim through ethereally beautiful caves at Ghar Lapsi, and explore the sensational wreck of HMS Maori, a WWII destroyer which was hit by a bomb in 1942. Other beginner dives include the reef at Wied iz-Zurrieq and the two shipwrecks at in Marsescala, both of which permit divers to can swim inside.

When you earn your advanced qualification, you can return to Malta to see the incredible Blenheim Bomber aircraft on the seabed and the unmissable Blue Hole on Gozo.

Diving on a Greece Yacht Charter

If you’re cruising the stunning Cyclades archipelago in Greece, tear yourself away from the restaurants, beaches and nightlife of Mykonos to dive the spectacular caverns of Dragonisi Island, just off the south east coast. This is one of the few places in the world you can find Mediterranean monk seals, so keep a good lookout for this very rare and beautiful creature flitting through the water.

Meanwhile, the Ionian Islands have much more to offer than just the incredible Shipwreck Beach. Be sure to dive Marathonisi – often called Turtle Island because it’s not only shaped like a turtle, but it’s a nesting site for loggerhead turtles.

On a Crete yacht charter, dive off Shanaria Beach to see graceful manta rays and octopus hiding in the rocks. Crete is also a great place to spot ancient artefacts – like amphorae vases – on the sea floor. North of Crete in Kos, you can drift through the bubbles from a volcano, take gentle drift dives, and float through caves and tunnels; nearby Kalymnos also offers excellent diving.

The Mediterranean offers an endless itinerary of superb beginner dive sites. They are ideally explored on a yacht charter through Italy, Greece or Malta.

Step Aboard S/Y PRANA to Dive Beneath the Waves

Offered for charter by Fraser, S/Y PRANA is a stunning 51.7m that underwent a full refit in 2016. Built by Alloy Yachts and designed by Dubois Naval Architects, the performance sailing vessel combines lavish comfort and functionality to create a memorable charter experience. In addition to snorkelling and diving gear, S/Y PRANA offers guests the use of a karaoke machine, gym, Jacuzzi, the latest water toys and two Castoldi tenders for reaching those otherwise inaccessible diving spots. She sleeps 10 guests in five spectacular staterooms and is available to charter from €175,000 per week.

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Why Foreigners Select Singapore For Immigration

Singapore seems to be the first choice for immigration among the foreigners. Yes, it’s true that it has the best living atmosphere. But, this cannot be the only reason for so much of the immigrants flocking to the city every year. There are several other factors which bring people to this country. What are they? Let’s see here one by one.

Vast Opportunities:

According to the research that was recently conducted by our company One Visa , the country is found to be full of innovation and opportunities. Therefore, the expatriates who choose this nation could enjoy a comfortable life here. As we are aware that the Asian Continent is becoming the hub of business development and the Island City is selected to be the center of the international trade. This is mainly because of the easier access to transport here.

You might be thinking that travel via boat will not be preferred by the businesses. But, it’s not so. This place is found to be attracting several organizations those need access to the continent from across the globe. I would say that the country is rightly located in the central part of Southeast Asia and hence, is easily accessible to almost all the major countries in the world. This is why several multinational businesses are operating their business centers here.

Relocation Costs:

Yes, it’s agreed that the country is offering a lot to its immigrants. But, in most cases, the immigrants had to arrive here by the request of their companies. So, when they are bound to move, they should not have any hesitation for traveling such a long distance just for the sake of business. For these reasons, many companies are providing relocation packages more generously. These could include shipping charges, your air tickets, accommodations, vacations, healthcare, and much more. As a result of these, we can observe that the living standards are certainly increasing for the expatriates coming here. Hence, obviously, more people are opting Singapore for their immigration.

Lower Tax Rates:

Each and every one of us is attracted to lower tax rates, right? And, this country has this! The favorable rates of tax are attracting more people towards it and also encourage them to opt for longer residency here. When we had a look at the country’s tax system, what we found is that it is having one of the most regulated systems thereby leading to the lowest rates when compared to several other developed nations.
Yes, I agree that all the outsiders are required to pay tax. But, this rate would vary based on their residency status and is mainly calculated based upon the number of days being spent in the country. Therefore, most people would opt for a long-time stay here.

Furthermore, the country is offering several tax relief programs for spouse, kid(s), and parents. The country has made such agreements with almost 34 nations for the purpose of assuring that the expats are not facing the burden of double tax while being in the country. This is also supporting the elevated investments in the nation!

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Why Should You Definitely Visit Varanasi Once

Varanasi is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations in the world. People from both India as well as abroad come and visit this place for its charm and beauty. In fact, it is one of those places that you must visit at least once in your life.

Well, if you are seriously thinking about planning a trip to this place, the biggest advantage that you have is that there is no dearth of Varanasi India hotels and hence finding accommodation will never be a problem here. If you are still a little bit doubtful about planning a trip here, well here are some reasons that will definitely compel you to come to Varanasi at least once:

  1. To begin with Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world! While there are clear evidences of presence of human settlement in the land in the 1200 BC, recent archaeological excavations have revealed that Varanasi has been continually inhabited for the last 3000 years! Well, you cannot pass over a chance to visit one of the earliest and oldest human settlements in the world, can you?
  2. The ghats of Varanasi are worth exploring. These ghats are the places where you will get to capture the spirit of the Indian life in a capsule. They are always bustling with people, each busy with their own daily chores. Plus, if you are interested in photography and especially portraits, then you will never run out of subjects over here.
  3. Another major attraction of this city is the evening prayer that is done by a group of Brahmins on the DashashwamedhaGhat, which is the main ghat of the city. People from far and near come to visit this evening prayer to the Ganga. If you want to get the best of this, then when you make arrangements for your accommodation in one of the best hotels in Varanasi India, ask for a boat ride on the river, reach the DashashwamedhaGhat by 6 and witness the prayers sitting right on the river! It is truly a sight to behold and one that you will remember for the rest of your days.
  4. A very compelling reason for you to visit Varanasi at least once is its food! You will get a wide variety of sweets here, that you must try out. Street food is Varanasi is a treat for your taste buds. When in the city, you must try out rabri, halwa, malai and the famous lassi. Do not miss out on the jalebis and the delicious kachoris as well. Complete your dinner in Varanasi with the famous Banarasi pan at the end of it!
  5. Varanasi was once the centre of learning and just a few kilometres away from it is Sarnath, where Gautama Buddha had delivered his first sermons after attaining enlightenment. You will also find the remains of the Ashoka lions and the chakra here, which are something that you must see with your own eyes.

In fact, there are many more reasons for which you should visit Varanasi, these being just a couple of them. Plan your trip today!

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Why You Need A Limo For Your Company Needs

A limousine might seem extreme if you are looking into transportation options for your corporation but in reality, it could be pretty a smart expense. When you have clients who need to be picked at the airport or even must be taken from place to place, a limo will make them feel valued and very vital to your institution. To hire a Limo Service Toronto has might be pretty a good spending for your clients to show your solvency and to show your respect for them as your clients or potential customers.

Reasons to Hire a Limo Service

If you are trying to find simple means of travelling for yourself, your family, a private occasion, or to impress your clients, to use a Limo Service Torontohas will be a fantastic option. With plenty of leg space, sitting space, and even luxury facilities like a fridge or drinks, the service a limo can offer is unparalleled. If you definitely need to have a special ride for any distinctive event, a limousine would be the ticket. Here are just some of the times you might want to rent a limo service:

Amazing events: times like a wedding, funeral, prom, and even simply a date night which you want to create that memorable time; a limo rent can be the finishing touch. You can focus on the big event rather than driving and the visitors. The driver of the limo is in charge of delivering you and your friends to the destination.

Impressing customers: When you have to pick up potential investors or properly-established enterprise companions at the airport or take them from one place to another, a limo is a good choice. They will feel special and well-taken care of when they are needed and arrive in style to their destination. If you tour with the use of a limo, you are in a position to talk as opposed to having to maneuver with traffic. It offers the proper atmosphere to speak about business matters in a no-stress situation.

Security reasons: if you want to have a good night out with friends and expect drinking and partying, opting to hire a Cheap Limousine Service rental has for you may be the be way to make sure you could have a good driver. Neither you nor your buddies will want to miss out on the night time’s festivities but all arrive at your ultimate vacation spot safely and in style.

A limo hire is not merely for business functions however it can offer a safe and economical approach for a number of parties to tour together and arrive on time and to an occasion. The fuel, time, and trouble it could save for a number of individuals travelling collectively can considerably be more than the cost of the limousine service. From an extremely-luxurious service to the important limo rental, you have many choices to make your day or night exclusive with the right transportation. You can cross that off your listing and benefit from the experience as opposed to giving yourself unnecessary stress from the traffic and logistics of journey.