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Buffalo, New York – known country-wide for its famous snowfalls. Getting some of the hardest winters in the state, we all look to Buffalo for hearty winter tips. Why, then, would it have beaches at all? Well, it rests on Lake Erie, the picturesque gateway to Canada. It’s also close to Niagara Falls, a summertime flocking ground for tourists from all over the world. This means that visitors want to spend some time here, so why not hit some beaches in the heat of the July summer?

  1. Beaver Island State Park

This gem of a beach lies on the Niagara River on its way to Erie Lake. The sand is smooth, perfect for laying in the sun. There are benches and gazebos between the beach and plentiful parking, to give you the chance to take your time making your way to the shore. Stay for the day, enjoying opportunities for disc golf and marina visits.

  1. Bennett Beach

This is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the county, and there’s no cost to get in! Whether you’re visiting the area or simply need to get away while an AC repair service Buffalo NY is fixing your home, this is the destination. Described as “tranquil with a great atmosphere” by Step Out Buffalo, the journey between parking lot and beach is worth the visit alone. Walking over dunes brings the breathtaking scenery into view casually. The sand is uncluttered, as this spot isn’t often busy. Relax and enjoy the cooling water on a hot day.

  1. Lake Erie State Park

The Lake Erie State Park provides a beautiful long view of Lake Erie, but the best part about this beach is the opportunity for camping. If you’re visiting from out of town, or if your home is in need of repair, take the week to get away in these spacious cabins. The rates are reasonable, and the activities are non-stop. Take a week away from the ordinary and visit this beach as soon as possible.

  1. Times Beach Nature Preserve

Located just outside downtown Buffalo, the nature preserve rests on the coast of Erie Lake. Birds, wildlife, hiking, and relaxing beach time are all happening here. Located where the Niagara River meets the lake, this area is primed for education, nature watching, and happily combining land animals with aquatic creatures to help us all learn how the ecosystems support each other.

  1. Woodlawn Beach State Park

This area boasts natural sand, and measures a full mile. If you’re looking for a freshwater sand dune, you’ll find it here. The perfect place to swim and spend the day, this area provides one of the best views of the lake, complete with a boardwalk leading to a nature center and bathhouse. Take the day to get away from it all, whether you’re touring the area, or have an AC repair service Buffalo NY company on its way to fix that pesky AC unit. Don’t stay at home sweating it out; visit a beach and get away from the heat on one of Buffalo’s gorgeous Erie Lake beaches.

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