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After Being Overlooked For Many Years, Sri Lanka Is Now A Popular Destination For The Travelers. This Is A Small Country With Ancient Ruin, Pristine Beaches, And Incredible Wildlife; Like There Is Something For Everyone.

  1. Pearl Of The Indian Ocean And Teardrop Of India

  • Sri Lanka is known as ‘Pearl of Indian Ocean’ because of its beauty and biodiversity. There is another reason of being called pearl because Sri Lanka exports precious gemstones.
  • This country has a perfect teardrop shape that is why Sri Lanka is called “Teardrop of India”.
  1. Sri Lanka Flag

  • The national flag of Sri Lanka is the only flag in the world that represents different religions. Lion is the symbol of Sinhalese, bo-leaves represents Buddhism; orange stripe is for Hindu and Green for Muslim.
  • It is one of the oldest flags that was brought from India by the first king of Sri Lanka.
  1. Sri Lanka animals

  • Lion is the national animal of Sri Lanka, but the country is famous for elephant also; mainly Asian elephants.
  • Sri Lanka maintains a breeding ground and elephant orphanage at Pinnawala village.
  1. Sri Lankan food

  • Rice with spicy curry and vegetables as a side dish is the standard meal of Sri Lanka. The people use coconut in almost all the food.
  • Cinnamon was originated in this country that was discovered by the Egyptians first.
  1. Adam’s Peak

  • The most notable and holy mountain in Sri Lanka is known as ‘Adam’s Peak’ or ‘Sri Pada’. Pilgrims of different religion and different countries come here to climb to its peak for the famous footprint on the mountain.
  • Buddhist believes that it is the footprint of Lord Buddha while the Hindus think it as the footprint of Lord Shiva. For the Muslims and Christians, it is the footprint of Adam.
  1. Sri Lanka’s Largest Export

  • The biggest export of Sri Lanka is tea, and the country is fourth largest tea exporter in the world.
  • Ceylon tea is the famous product of Sri Lanka as it is the cleanest tea with least pesticides.
  1. Sri Lankan National Sport

  • Many people think that Cricket is the national sport of Sri Lanka. No doubt it is a most popular game in the country but not the national sport.
  • Volleyball that was introduced in the year of 1916 is, in fact, the national game of Sri Lanka.

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