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If you thought Pune’s nightlife is cold, think again! The past few years have seen the city giving birth to many exciting new clubs, and now the city see clubs mushrooming up everywhere. Keep a tab on cheap flight tickets and you can get yourself a good deal to visit the city. Check for places like Chennai to Pune flight fare and book your tickets as and when the fares drop low so you do not spend too much on travel and save some for your partying in Pune.

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Pune is on the run to becoming a modern city. The once conservative city is now growing leaps and bounds and with the settlement of youngsters studying and working there, there has been a lot of changes in the city, especially in the nightlife of the city. Students from Chennai can wait for the Chennai to Pune flight fare to go down and book a ticket to Pune to celebrate and party with their friends in Pune. Pune nightlife is more closed off and less expensive than Mumbai’s, however no less fun! Here is a list of some of the top bars and clubs in the city.

Oak Lounge

Oak lounge is one of the first and the most happening spots in Pune. Although many more nightclubs and bars have come up now, Oak lounge still has a series of very loyal customers who till date, visit it regularly. Regardless of partying anywhere else, loyal and regular customers always end up coming back to Oak lounge to close the night. All kinds of drinks ranging from beers, whiskey, scotch, bourbon and various kinds of spirits and cocktails are served. Visitors rave about its current and smooth stylistic theme, delicate lit with candles, best in class comforts and phenomenal acoustics that make any night a special and exciting one.

Pancard Club

PanCard Club is one of the best Pub names in Pune with the biggest open air venue, arranged at the edges of brilliant foothills of Baner Hills. It is one of city’s prestigious recreation clubs, perfect to party your socks off. It is gloats of a delightful eatery and bar that serves everything to flawlessly suit your gathering requirements.

Club 09

Club 09 is one of the incredible places to go to if you are confused on where to party in Pune. Club 09 brags of both an indoor and an outdoors space with the ideal background for crazy partying. From a range of best DJs playing the latest tracks and mixes, mouth-watering food  and drinks and an incredible dancefloor, Club 09 is as hipped, fun and cool as its name!


The place with the best interior decor of the lot, Eternia has a tropical feel to it. The interior will definitely please you and you won’t mind spending your money for such a beautiful place. The inside of the resto-lounge-bar improves the look with agreeable seats, delicate brilliant lights, abutted outdoors feel, and so on. Food is also a definite calling to this place with yummy sauces alongside beautifully cooked and baked meat and wedges, lip-smacking canapés and snacks and significantly more that would shake your midnight party.

Area 51

Area 51 is India’s first spinning club, oversaw by Panoramic Group, which has a sensational appeal to shake your gathering. Set on to the edges of Pune at Baner Hills, Area 51 encompasses the stunning of Pancard Club with only 15-minute drive, it has a multi-reason venue with a throbbing discotheque, extravagant inside, enchanting design, bleeding edge light, solid framework and adaptable seating formats. Having everything idealize at Area 51, it is in the top rundown of Best Bars and Pubs in Pune for New Year Party 2015.

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