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Varanasi is one of the most celebrated tourist destinations in the world. People from both India as well as abroad come and visit this place for its charm and beauty. In fact, it is one of those places that you must visit at least once in your life.

Well, if you are seriously thinking about planning a trip to this place, the biggest advantage that you have is that there is no dearth of Varanasi India hotels and hence finding accommodation will never be a problem here. If you are still a little bit doubtful about planning a trip here, well here are some reasons that will definitely compel you to come to Varanasi at least once:

  1. To begin with Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world! While there are clear evidences of presence of human settlement in the land in the 1200 BC, recent archaeological excavations have revealed that Varanasi has been continually inhabited for the last 3000 years! Well, you cannot pass over a chance to visit one of the earliest and oldest human settlements in the world, can you?
  2. The ghats of Varanasi are worth exploring. These ghats are the places where you will get to capture the spirit of the Indian life in a capsule. They are always bustling with people, each busy with their own daily chores. Plus, if you are interested in photography and especially portraits, then you will never run out of subjects over here.
  3. Another major attraction of this city is the evening prayer that is done by a group of Brahmins on the DashashwamedhaGhat, which is the main ghat of the city. People from far and near come to visit this evening prayer to the Ganga. If you want to get the best of this, then when you make arrangements for your accommodation in one of the best hotels in Varanasi India, ask for a boat ride on the river, reach the DashashwamedhaGhat by 6 and witness the prayers sitting right on the river! It is truly a sight to behold and one that you will remember for the rest of your days.
  4. A very compelling reason for you to visit Varanasi at least once is its food! You will get a wide variety of sweets here, that you must try out. Street food is Varanasi is a treat for your taste buds. When in the city, you must try out rabri, halwa, malai and the famous lassi. Do not miss out on the jalebis and the delicious kachoris as well. Complete your dinner in Varanasi with the famous Banarasi pan at the end of it!
  5. Varanasi was once the centre of learning and just a few kilometres away from it is Sarnath, where Gautama Buddha had delivered his first sermons after attaining enlightenment. You will also find the remains of the Ashoka lions and the chakra here, which are something that you must see with your own eyes.

In fact, there are many more reasons for which you should visit Varanasi, these being just a couple of them. Plan your trip today!

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