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Contemporary cars are known to last a long time, their bodies do not go to rust for at least a decade, have spark plugs that don’t need changing as often and can go 200,000 miles with regular servicing. However, without the necessary upkeep, the car’s life is reduced drastically and can cost you a huge amount over time in the form of repairs like that of the transmission system, the cooling system, and other components. Here are some basic tips to help you out –

  • Wash the car regularly. This is a no-brainer and is the foremost important thing you can do to ensure the long life of your vehicle. Try to wash the car weekly if possible and don’t forget to hose out the undercarriage and the fender walls that may be carrying dirt and road salt with it.
  • Cleaning the windshield is just as important. A dirty windshield obscuring your view of the road, even slightly, is a safety hazard and needs regular cleaning.
  • Check the engine oil at least monthly. While modern lubricants have significantly decreased how often you may need an engine oil change, it is still essential to change it regularly, after about 5000-7000 miles (this varies depending on the age of the vehicle and the type of oil).
  • Maintaining the appropriate tire pressure is imperative for your safety and will save you money in the long run. Check the tire pressure at least once a month using an accurate tire-pressure gauge and check the inflation pressure in each tire.
  • Check the air filter and see if it is clear and clean. If you can’t see through it, it’s probably time to replace it. As a rule of thumb, changing your filters every 12000 miles is a good option.
  • Check if the brakes are in good condition and replace any worn out pads or linings. Brakes should be tested every at least twice in a year.
  • Clean the radiator and remove any debris that may cause overheating. Check the battery regularly (corrosion, fluid level, and cable connections) and inspect the exhaust parts and see if anything needs any replacement.
  • Protect the exterior of the car (paint) from the ultraviolet rays of the sun that cause the paint to break down by investing in a car cover if you don’t have the convenience of a covered parking space.
  • Regular visits to a mechanic can prove even more beneficial and the mechanic could provide you with knowledge of how best to take care of your vehicle and what parts require immediate attention if any. (looking for mechanic services? Visit Mechanic Marrickville)

The suggestions above are very basic but can go a long way in protecting your car and extending its life.

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