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What to Know About Rhine River Cruises

The Rhine River is the second-longest river in Western Europe. You will see lush vineyards, medieval villages, ancient castles, quaint little towns and enjoy big cities like Basel and Cologne. The Rhine river flows through 6 different countries and then drains into the North Sea. The countries are Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Netherlands, and France. Therefore, you will see so many things while cruising along the Rhine. Therefore, Rhine banks do not only have medieval towns and quaint little villages but modern, busy cities as well.

You will get the type of travelling experience you need because the Rhine flows through so many sites, towns, and cities. You will see so many castles, including the Rapunzel’s Castle area. There are so many itineraries for the Rhine, with some covering the main cities such as Basel, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Cologne, Mainz, and Rudesheim.

The Rhine meanders through craggy cliffs, hillside castles, medieval towns, and vineyards, allowing visitors to experience the culture and history of the destinations. Additionally, there are many UNESCO sites that visitors will see. Moreover, there are many highlights during the voyage including modern cities such as Basel, Amsterdam, Mainz, Strasbourg, Rudesheim, and Cologne. You will sail into the heart of Europe where there are many historic treasures and interesting sites such as Amsterdam’s canals, Windmills of Kinderdijk, Gothic Dom in Cologne, wine-growing regions, Black Forest views, and Lorelei Rock among others.

The best time to sail on the river depends on your preferences. For instance, people who love sunny weather should sail in the summer months, although that is a very busy season. Those who love cool and temperate weather should try sailing in autumn and spring. A great time to sail the Rhine is during Easter. The local markets usually paint real eggs with bright colours. There are also wooden decorations and flowers being sold.

Another great time to sail is during the “Rhine in Flames” celebrations which are held in fall and summer. During these events, fireworks are displayed, music is played and people dance a lot. After parting with the locals, the visitors will continue on their journey, enjoying the late-night views. Additionally, a great time to visit this amazing destination is in December where the majestic Christmas markets are opened. The destinations along the Rhine river transform during Christmas.

The Rhine river flows through the best landscapes, hillside castles, vineyards, and medieval towns. It passes through many destinations and tourist attraction sites. The best way of exploring the river is through a Rhine river cruise that allows you to sail through the beautiful river.  The attraction sites along the Rhine river include; the museums of Mainz, the Rhine Gorge, Worms Cathedral, Mannheim harbor, Palatinate Forest, German Spa Town, and the Stolzenfels Castle. Moreover, there will be many excursions being offered, there are well-tailored itineraries for people with different needs and preferences. Moreover, you will enjoy delicious food and remain safe due to the serious protocols being observed. To experience the majestic sites, book your cruise.

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Searching for the best nightclubs in Chennai? Here are the top picks!

Do you love to party just like I do? Does partying lift up your sullen mood? Well, if you are nodding yes, I understand your need for de-stressing at the nightclubs after a hectic day. After all, nothing comes in comparison to good music and delicious food when it comes to relieving everyday work pressure. So, if you are in the city of Chennai, you must be wondering which nightclubs can give you proper relaxation after a busy day. Don’t worry! Several party zones have opened up in the city where you can relax your tired self, have delicious food and enjoy the peppy music and disco vibe till you are satisfied. If that sounds fun, then check out the following list of the best nightclubs that you can visit while in the city. And if you are not in Chennai, then avail of any Indigo, Trujet and Go Air flight ticket from the Chennai International Airport or online and reach the city as soon as possible. Now venture out in the following lively venues to rejuvenate and enjoy the nightlife of this cultural capital of South India.


Pasha at The Park is the liveliest disco in town. This place has been designed adhering to the Persian style of architecture and is a favourite among the city’s party mongers. Weekends are quite happening here and you can witness themed parties and premiere parties at this location every Saturday and Sunday. The charges are a bit expensive but the ambience and the tracks played by the DJ make up for it. The Bollywood nights are the major attraction of this disco and witnesses crowds throughout the year for its upbeat environment and positive aura. Besides all this, Pasha also has a well-trained hospitality staff that caters to all your food needs.

Regency Club Lounge

Regency Club is an elite lounge located within the Hyatt Regency, Chennai. A little of what we would deem as an exclusive venue, this club is exquisitely decorated and is known to house the best range of alcohol in the city. The seating area is separate from the disco and offers a plush ambience for you to relax and unwind. Special club nights are often organised on weekends and Fridays and DJs tune in the best track to pump up the charm of this place. An interesting thing about this place is that it has a rooftop pool at Hyatt that is located just beside the Club and you can also witness pool parties here on weekends. The waiters and hospitality are extremely professional and courteous and ensure the safety of all its visitors.

Bay 146

Bay 146 is located within the Savera Hotel in the Mylapore neighbourhood of Chennai. This one is unlike a regular nightclub. With plush seating, elegant upholstery and charming white marble floors, Bay 146 is an incredible venue for those who prefer a soothing ambience over loud peppy numbers. The seating has been divided into two areas, one is for those who like a soft atmosphere and the other for those who want a proper nightclub aura. This pub has a curated range of exquisite cocktails and expert bartenders to help you find or make the right drink for the night. While here, you cannot afford to miss out on their exclusive Chinese and European delicacies which are prepared with utmost care and precision. An interesting fact about this place is that it showcases its different signature dishes daily and in a unique manner to please its guests.


Located in the Taj Clubhouse at Anna Salai, Blend displays a beautiful amalgamation of plush seating with neon interiors and lights. The dance floor produces neon laser beams while it is flooded with party mongers and in the darkness, this neon light creates a vibe like none other. Food and alcohol in Blend are exceptional, however, it is compulsory to book a table before visiting, since the club has limited capacity. You cannot simply afford to miss out on their Berry and Cappuccino Affair mocktails which is only one of their many specialities. The club also has a local DJ that plays trendy music throughout the week, however, on special occasions, international DJs are also called on stage. The blend also organises exclusive Ladies Nights every Friday where the ladies in the house can have alcohol at cheap rates compared to the standard price of the alcohol. Other than this, it also has a diverse menu serving dishes from different delicacies that will keep you energised till the end of the party. 

So, these are some of the best nightclubs in Chennai where you can plan your group hangouts, interact with the locals and dance on the peppy beats and simultaneously reenergise from a monotonous life.

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Relaxing Holiday Tips for Couples

Getting away for a holiday with your significant other is a great way to spend some quality time together, away from regular life and distractions.  There are so many different places to go and ways to enjoy your holiday together! Here are some great ideas for you.

Hire a private lodge in the countryside to escape from the drag of working life.  Lots of lodges come with luxurious facilities such as ensuite bathrooms, four poster beds and hot tubs in the garden.  Enjoy time together watching the sunset, sipping on champagne, and relaxing in the warmth of the hot tub together.

For those who want hot tub breaks with a bit more of a lively feeling, some holiday parks offer hot tubs in their accommodation with evening entertainment, restaurants and daily activities included too.  These can be good for young couples who want to enjoy letting their hair down a bit whilst they are away! A lot of holiday parks offer all inclusive packages so you can forget about the cost of going out, having meals and drinks.

Some activities which are popular with couples include walking together, going to museums and art galleries, taking part in classes or lessons and spending time relaxing.  There are many places you can go to in the UK which offer a blend of relaxation and active holidaying, with some locations having on site facilities for you to enjoy.

Where in the UK should you go to enjoy your holiday together?  It all depends on the type of holiday you want to have.  For those who wish to escape the reality of life and the hubbub of a busy job, going away into the countryside will be a great choice.  We have some lovely villages and small towns in the UK which are popular as holiday destinations.  Try looking for a cottage or lodge in a rural area for a true break.  If you prefer to go near a beach, there are plenty in the UK to choose from.  Some are known as sandy beaches, other have pebbles.  The vast majority of beaches in the UK are safe for swimming but do be sure to check if there are any warnings in place before you take a dip.  Depending on the season, you can sometimes take your pet dog with you to a beach.

Managing your time while you are away can be a challenge, especially if you have a list of things you want to see and do.  It is a good idea to relax a little while you are away, so try not to cram too much into each day.  Choose your top thing you would like to do each day and stick to just one or two items off your list, so you are not rushing about.  It is far better to enjoy doing not much at all than rushing and feeling stressed while you are on holiday! Writing a plan for each day before you go can help to take off some pressure and allow you to fully make the most of the time you have away.

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The Most Appealing Alaskan Getaway Spots for Nature Lovers

Scenic landscapes, romantic lodges, giant glaciers, and abundant wildlife—these are some things Alaska is famous for. While Alaska is far from the rest of the U.S. states, it remains to be one of the most beautiful attractions in the country. Being away from the hustle and bustle of Western life only adds to the mystery and beauty of this state, earning its crown as the ideal destination for nature lovers or bold travelers.

Though Alaska boasts of its major tourist centers and museums, the 49th state is generally known for its large, uninhabited wilderness dominating smaller cities, such as the Anchorage and Juneau. People can fully enjoy its natural beauty by exploring the great outdoors and doing nature-inspired activities, such as fishing tours, paddling, hiking, visiting national parks, or even just staying at a fishing vacation house.

If it is your first time traveling to Alaska, you might feel overwhelmed given the unlimited number of attractions and activities offered by the state. To help plan your next Alaskan adventure, this article will provide a rundown of the most impressive vacation spots in Alaska and must-visit places for first-time travelers. Get your paper and pen ready as we give the Alaskan traveling experience you don’t want to miss.

Denali National Park

First on our list is the Denali National Park found in central Alaska where it sits at the very heart of the Denali Mountain. Denali is one of Alaska’s premier destinations, which is also a part of the great Alaska Range. Its highest peak measures 20,310 feet, making it the highest mountain in the face of North America. Although Denali is the traditional name of the mountain, most modern travelers call it Mount McKinley.

Denali Mountain is known for its snow-covered mountaintop and glaciers, with temperatures reaching -75 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the chilling temperatures, Denali Mountain is home to plenty of wildlife forms, including 169 birds and 39 mammal species. Between Fairbanks and Anchorage lies the main habitat of grizzly bears, elk, reindeer, wolves, and other wild animals. You can also try the sled dog kennels led by adorable huskies.

Apart from its abundant wildlife, Denali Mountain has various spectacular landscape forms within its six million acres of land. These include towering alpine ranges, tundra, river valleys, and glacier-draped mountains. To get to these places, simply follow a single road leading to the park, where you can find park-approved vehicles permitted to explore beyond the Savage River. Make sure to get a good spot near the windows as you can enjoy the views of Denali while traveling along the park road.

Glacier Bay National Park

Located in the Alaskan Panhandle, the Glacier Bay National Park is a globally renowned destination with the best views of mountain glaciers and wildlife. The 25-million-acre park is a part of the World Heritage Site and one of the biggest protected areas worldwide. It directly lies where the Pacific and North American tectonic plates converge. In fact, its coastal mountains measure three miles, which still rise today.

Exploring Glacier Bay is the best thing to do to explore Alaska. It boasts of its three million acres of deep fjords, rainforest, glaciers, rugged coastlines, and mountain ranges. The great thing about Glacier Bay is that the environment dramatically changes its landscape, as glaciers continuously form and retreat.

To get here, you may take the Alaska Marine Highway offering better access to the national park. Bartlett Cove is nearby the park headquarters, filled with lush coastal rainforest. It is also a fantastic place to try boating, biking, fishing, and hiking around trails and glaciers. But if you want to make the most out of the trip, make sure to visit the most photographed destinations, such as the John Hopkins Glacier and Muir Inlet.

The park offers outdoor activities, such as kayaking, which you can rent through guided tours. Kayaking is a great way to tour around the place and witness its breathtaking views.

Tracy Arm Fjord

Located 45 miles from south Juneau, the Tracy Arm Fjord is a popular spot in the Tongass National Forest. You can find this scenic setting within the narrow fjords of the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness. This destination is a well-known spot for boat tours and cruise ships because of its stunning waterfalls, glaciers, rock walls, and icebergs.

At the top of the fjord lies the twin Sawyer Glaciers with wildlife sightings such as moose, wolves, brown and black bears, or harbor seals and whales inhabiting the nearby waters. The common entry is by boat along Stephens Passage towards Holkham Bay. During the summer months, you can find floating ice along the fjord, ranging from small icebergs to a size of a three-story building.

Alaska is an enormous state which you cannot explore in a single trip. But you have to start somewhere to enjoy its wide range of attractions. While there is so much to see in Alaska, you can start by visiting these top three destinations to get the full Alaskan wildlife experience.

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Secrets of South Korea and Why You Should Visit

The lush green landscapes, the mesmerizing hilltops coupled with modern architecture and art makes South Korea the best place to spend awesome leisure time. With the enthralling tourists all the year round it one of the fastest developing countries that provides the best quality of life with the advanced education system. Now, as the world is dependent on the internet and broadband the country gleams as a pioneer with the best speed on the internet also it is one of the finest makers of electronic gadgets used all over the world. Presenting a wonderful stay comprising vibrant nightlife, futuristic architecture, incredible islands that are second to none, awesome heritage, and unforgettable Haute cuisines this amazing country is a must on every travel journal. With the best and bustling air routes get a fast flight from Sri Lanka to South Korea to bask in the sultry beaches and explore the buzzing country.

The bustling shopping places:

In Busan

The Haeundae District located in eastern Busan is a place where you get to shop in many stores for the products that you wish to buy. In Busan, we can easily find hot spots for shopping because there are a lot of open-air as well as high profile stores and outlets. The Busanjin is one of the best shopping malls which have many cloths, textile stores, and souvenirs available at a pocket-friendly rate. You can easily buy hanbok which is the traditional Korean attire. An unmatched variety of cotton materials ranging from silk to rayon, from cotton to satin clothes designed in different print patterns with indigenous prints and craftsmanship are available here.

 In Daegu

Daegu is an exotic place for shopping. There are several shopping malls and also many handy stores on the streets which sell trending designer garments and many fashion accessories. you can also find an array of items made of leather, linen, brass items, wall fabrics, shoes, blankets, brassware, handicrafts, herbal medicines as well as books. This city is very famous in South Korea for medicinal herbs and different textiles. Daegu is also known as Beauty’s City, Textile City, and Fashion City. You can never be satisfied in the city unless you visit this beautiful place.

 In Incheon

One of the best places to shop is Incheon as it is decked up with different stores where you can shop. It has an abundance of conventional markets and multi-storeyed shopping malls. Not only does the place offer best in kind shopping but it also brings fresh seafood; visit the Incheon complex Fish Market, Soraepogu Fish Market, or else you can even go to one of the ports in Incheon. The Bupeyeong or Sinpo International market is one of the simple traditional markets which are held for 5 days a week. Many shoppers stop at Songdo IBD which stands for Sondo International Business District which is open all days of the year.

The unprecedented islands:

The country cloaks some of the best islands in the world, whether in the chilling breeze at night on the shores or listening to the roars of the unruly waters in the day, these god-made volcanic landscapes and underground caves are a pleasure. The spectacles strike best shot for adventure sports like hiking, trekking with panoramic views.Some of the popular and perfect crowning glories with deep blue-hued waters and bronzed sands are Muuido Island, Jindo Island, Geoje Island, Jeju Island, and Hongdo Island.

For the love of Food

South Korea is known for its delicacies and mouth-watering dishes. Some of the best and must-try foods that portray authenticity and exquisite cuisines are:

Bulgogi (marinated beef barbecue), to satiate the taste buds and still keep the after taste of the juicy savories is none other than the bulgogi. Known to be the most relished culinary dishes it is also ranked in polls for the best food in the world. Flavors of meat ooze the juices of grilled garlic and onion wrapped in lettuce – it makes an appetizing treat.

Kimchi (fermented vegetables), talk about authenticity and Kimchi stands the first ion order. It is made with fermented vegetables and the key factor of the dish is its high nutritional value. It is well known for its fiber and calorie content that makes it a significant dish.

Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup),one of the creamiest and buttery flavored foods which are also great in nutritional value is Samgyetang. Made with simple sand common ingredient yet it exhibits flavors and aroma with, garlic, Korean ginseng, and spices.


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Tips and Tricks for Your Maiden Voyage

One of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry, cruise industry revenue increased to $37 billion over the past decade. By offering new travel destinations and customizable cruise experiences the cruise industry has made a big comeback from decades past. For instance, in 2019 over 1.2 million passengers boarded cruises from Seattle. The global cruise market capacity reached its all-time high of 550 passengers in 2019 which means there’s a good chance you or someone you know is planning a cruise. But just what do you need to know before a cruise vacation? Should you pack differently then for a regular vacation on land? Read on for some tips and tricks on what you should pack to prepare for your maiden voyage.


Unless you booked an all-inclusive cruise, you should be prepared to be tempted by extras that are not covered in your initial ticket purchase. Examples include drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, spa treatments, laundry/dry cleaning, specialty restaurants, trips to shore, and more. As a general rule you should remember that the less you pay for the cruise and the larger the ship, you will likely have to pay for extras.

In addition to the optional extras that you can purchase, you should also budget for tips. Most cruise lines automatically add $10-$15 per person per day to your account. This is because staff is rarely tipped with cash and you aren’t expected to tip baggage service personnel. While some staff such as speciality restaurant wait staff or room service staff are generally tipped with cash, you should certainly plan on paying a surcharge at the end of your cruise.

Packing Light

While it can sometimes be difficult to plan what types of outfits you may need on your vacation, on a cruise it is more important than ever to not overpack. The average size of a cabin is 170 to 200 square feet and you will be much more comfortable without having things stuffed in every corner. When packing you should remember that most ships have laundry onboard should you need to wash your clothes.

Dress Codes

While this may sound like something out of grade school, some ships still require a dress code for dining. You should check with your cruise line to see if there are any formal dining nights included in your cruise that you would need to pack appropriately for. Luckily, during the day all cruise ships are suitable for casual attire. Additionally, while some ships do have the formal dress code for dinners, it is not the norm anymore.


When packing you should also investigate the type of electrical outlets that are onboard. While US ships will have US-style current and outlets, international cruise lines may have different electrical standards. Additionally, most ships do provide a hair dryer so you won’t need to worry about packing that in your luggage.


Going along with the packing light theme, you should find out what types of amenities and toiletries are provided in your cabin prior to cruising. Like major hotel brands, most cruise ships provide toiletries like shampoo, soap and beach towels. As long as you don’t require specific brands this is a great space saver in your luggage. It is worth mentioning that cruise lines do not allow irons in cabins as they can prove to be a fire hazard, so you can leave that at home as well.

Important Documents

While passports are only required for international travel, it is wise to bring your passport onboard anyway just in case. Additionally, you should make sure to carefully read over your tickets and cruise information several weeks before your scheduled departure.


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Maintenance Tips For Your New Car

Contemporary cars are known to last a long time, their bodies do not go to rust for at least a decade, have spark plugs that don’t need changing as often and can go 200,000 miles with regular servicing. However, without the necessary upkeep, the car’s life is reduced drastically and can cost you a huge amount over time in the form of repairs like that of the transmission system, the cooling system, and other components. Here are some basic tips to help you out –

  • Wash the car regularly. This is a no-brainer and is the foremost important thing you can do to ensure the long life of your vehicle. Try to wash the car weekly if possible and don’t forget to hose out the undercarriage and the fender walls that may be carrying dirt and road salt with it.
  • Cleaning the windshield is just as important. A dirty windshield obscuring your view of the road, even slightly, is a safety hazard and needs regular cleaning.
  • Check the engine oil at least monthly. While modern lubricants have significantly decreased how often you may need an engine oil change, it is still essential to change it regularly, after about 5000-7000 miles (this varies depending on the age of the vehicle and the type of oil).
  • Maintaining the appropriate tire pressure is imperative for your safety and will save you money in the long run. Check the tire pressure at least once a month using an accurate tire-pressure gauge and check the inflation pressure in each tire.
  • Check the air filter and see if it is clear and clean. If you can’t see through it, it’s probably time to replace it. As a rule of thumb, changing your filters every 12000 miles is a good option.
  • Check if the brakes are in good condition and replace any worn out pads or linings. Brakes should be tested every at least twice in a year.
  • Clean the radiator and remove any debris that may cause overheating. Check the battery regularly (corrosion, fluid level, and cable connections) and inspect the exhaust parts and see if anything needs any replacement.
  • Protect the exterior of the car (paint) from the ultraviolet rays of the sun that cause the paint to break down by investing in a car cover if you don’t have the convenience of a covered parking space.
  • Regular visits to a mechanic can prove even more beneficial and the mechanic could provide you with knowledge of how best to take care of your vehicle and what parts require immediate attention if any. (looking for mechanic services? Visit Mechanic Marrickville)

The suggestions above are very basic but can go a long way in protecting your car and extending its life.

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7 Useful Tips That First-time Solo Travelers can Use

To go on an adventure with your usual pack of traveling wolves has been tried and tested.

But if you feel like wanting to experience something different from what you’re used to, going solo might tickle your senses.

While there are concerns raised when you decide to travel on your lonesome for the first time, they should not completely hold you back. In fact, these should only be your guiding light to ensure you stay safe throughout the journey.

Drop your worries and doubts behind, muster up the courage to do something you’d be thankful for. To help ease your mind, here are seven useful tips you can use when you travel solo.

1. Inform your loved ones

The number one unspoken rule of traveling solo is to let your family or friends, first and foremost, know about your plan and where you are heading to.

They must know the details of your trip, most especially when traveling to a remote area where access to phone calls and internet connection is sparse.

You should give your family member a copy of your schedule so they know when to expect your arrival at your next destination. If something unusual happens, they’ll know what to do and who to call for emergencies.

It’s a good thing we now have social media for instant connection with our families back home. You must update them about your whereabouts for your peace of mind and theirs as well.

2. Pick a safe destination

As a first-time solo traveler, your destination of choice is a huge deal in determining whether you’re up for a great start or end up with regrets.

We highly suggest you take the safe route first, and by that, we mean a country with a reputable tourism background. It’s important to prioritize your safety above all since this will only be your first time to explore on your own.

You’ll likely be safe on the street with other travelers, solo or group, and locals who won’t give you a hard time going about this first time experience. Trust that countries like this will give you that sense of freedom to do things on your own, all while reminding you to be respectful of their space and culture.

3. Do your research

Research is as important as choosing your destination. Since it’s foreign ground we’re dealing with here, you have to arm yourself with proper knowledge regarding rules and regulations, certain cultures that you may be unfamiliar with, and even their transport system.

It’s important to stay ahead of the game, and be prepared to go your way around— that or be completely surprised you brought all the wrong types of clothing because you didn’t do your research. Let’s not assume that all countries share the same transport rules, weather, and safety measures.

We live in a diverse world, and that’s the beauty of traveling. We get to experience this diversity and learn from it. So the next time we go flying, we’ll know by then how research plays an important role in making sure we stay safe while having fun during this adventure.

4. Don’t overpack

It’s understandable if you want to pack all sorts of this and that to ensure you have more than enough clothes and essentials for the trip. While this may seem like a good trick, it won’t last that way for long. You’ll soon realize how heavy it is and how you have to carry it around the airport to airport, streets, and alleys, and then from your hotel back to the airport—all on your own.

That’s why we highly recommend you pack as light as possible but enough to last the entire trip. You have to make sure your carry-on dimensions will fit all your necessities while letting you roam around freely without the fear of a terrible back spasm.

5. Be friendly to locals

Try as much to be friendly to locals because in case you haven’t noticed yet, you’re the stranger in this side of the story.

You have to be nice when asking for directions from the grocery store personnel, or when you’re asking for a translation. You do just that, and you might get an authentic local travel guide from none other than the people who were born and bred in the country you are visiting.

6. Try to blend in

To sashay your way around foreign streets with your gadgets and valuable jewelry on display is unnecessary. No matter how safe you may feel walking around a new territory, it’s still best to keep a low profile to avoid pickpockets trailing.

7. Trust your instincts

Your gut feel will save you from an ugly turn, that’s for sure. If your inner voice tells you not to take that road, don’t. It may seem like an eccentric way of knowing things, but there’s nothing to lose when you decide to follow your instincts.

When you’re traveling on your own, you only have yourself to trust in making decisions. You may argue with that voice inside your head, but you have to trust one another— no matter how ludicrous it may sound.

Traveling solo is a revolutionary way of discovering more about yourself and your potential. You don’t need to be a daredevil to try it. You only need to have enough fun bones in your body to take a shot at a solo adventure.

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The 3 European destinations you should visit this summer

Once the lockdown is over, tons of people are going to be ready to flock to the airport and go on holiday so that they can enjoy their new-found freedom. But, where should you go? With so many amazing destinations to choose from, you may have a hard choice narrowing it down to just one. We’re here to help, though. Read on to discover three of the best European destinations you should think about visiting this summer.


There is only one place to begin, and this is with Marbella. There are many reasons why Marbella is a recommended choice. There are lots of beautiful, luxury villas for sale in Marbella, and many people have decided to make Marbella their second home, so they can visit year after year. No matter whether this is something you’re interested in or you decided to stay in one of the amazing hotels, you are bound to enjoy your holiday here.

The beaches here are incredible. There is 27km of coastline across Marbella, with a total of 24 different beaches to enjoy. A lot of these beaches have been given Blue Flag status, meaning they excel in terms of water quality and they have top facilities. You also get to enjoy the VIP experience in Marbella. Celeb sightings are very much common here.

And, of course, we cannot mention Marbella without talking about the amazing food that is offered. Spanish food is a true delight. From light gazpacho to a heart paella; there is something for everyone. You also have to try tapas, which is an array of small dishes that you and your party can enjoy. It’s a real treat, and don’t forget to wash it down with some sangria.

If that wasn’t enough to test you, you will certainly enjoy Marbella if you are a party animal. The nightclubs here are great. You can spend the following day with a luxury game on one of the golf courses as well. From Marbella Club Golf Resort to Aloha Golf Club; there are plenty of options. When it comes to luxury, you are going to struggle to find anywhere that does it better than Marbella!


If you are looking for a bit of a different experience, we would suggest taking a trip to the capital of Hungary, which is, of course, Budapest. Budapest is a place that mixes the modern world and the old world to stunning effect. The charm of this capital certainly lies in the different cultural influences that have impacted the city throughout its long history.

There are also a lot of amazing attractions. This includes the medicinal waters, thermal baths, and luxury spas. You will certainly have a relaxing vacation if you decide to visit Budapest.

You may also be surprised to learn that there is a very vibrant and buzzing nightlife scene in Budapest. The city is very much alive with open-air clubs, bars, and good pubs. There are also a number of interesting and exciting festivals that take place throughout the year. This includes the CAFE Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival, three-month Summer Festival, and Budapest Spring Festival.

If you like to shop until you drop, you’re also going to enjoy your trip here. There are plenty of markets, boutiques, and shops here. There are also a number of different shopping centres in the city too, including Campona, MOM Park, West End City Center, Arena Plaza, Allee, and Corvin Plaza. There are plenty of great places to eat in Budapest as well. This includes taverns, bistros, restaurants, and fast food places. We definitely recommend trying out the local food.


Another destination that is becoming more popular is Braga. The great thing about visiting Braga is that you are only going to have to take a short flight, as Portugal is not too far away at all! This also means that a trip to Braga won’t set you back as much as other holidays may. So, when it comes to value for money, Braga is definitely one of the best spots.

There is a lot to see and do in Braga, but one of the standout features of this part of Portugal is the fact that there are a lot of cultural festivals that take place throughout the year. This includes the Braga Theatre Festival. This festival sees theatre pieces performed in the streets of Braga. It tends to take place in June or July. There are also a lot of other festivals that go on during the summer months as well. This includes the popular Braga Jazz Festival, which welcomes a lot of local and international jazz artists.

Aside from enjoying the amazing festivals that take place in Braga, there is a lot to see and do here. The city is known for having a religious history, and so you can expect to see some of the world’s oldest churches. The Braga Cathedral is certainly an impressive place to visit, especially as it is one of the most historically significant buildings in all of Portugal.

You are also bound to enjoy the cuisine in Braga. There is a wide range of restaurants to try here, which tend to be affordable when compared to the higher prices you will expect in Lisbon or Porto. You may be wondering what traditional Portuguese food is like. Some of the staples in Portugal include sausages, pastries, spices, rice, and bread. Portugal is also one of the best places to enjoy seafood.

In terms of accommodation, Braga has a bit of everything. From luxury properties to affordable B&Bs to hotels in the city centre; you will be able to find the perfect place for you!

As you can see, there are some truly amazing locations that you should think about visiting this summer. If you opt for one of the holiday ideas we’ve mentioned in this blog post, we’re sure you will have a summer to remember for all of the right reasons!

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London’s Must Visits

Have you ever fly to London before? The capital of the United Kingdom, a true international metropolis, a place where you see traces of history often cracks the top 10 in everyone’s travel list. Though a very historic place, London surprises everyone with how they mix modern and historic together, making it one of the perfect travel destinations. Here I created an all rounded list of attractions to see in London, where you get to experience the culture and history as well as the fun and attractive side of London.

  1. Buckingham Palace

The grand Buckingham Palace comes to mind when talking about the historic side of London. Where Queen Elizabeth II resides, this royal palace has been the official home to many royals since 1837. Throughout the years, the palace has grown into a lavish place with 775 rooms, of which 188 are staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bedrooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms and 19 state rooms, spreading over 77,000 square metres. The palace is beautiful any time of the day. But if you wish to experience the traditional changing guards ceremony, be sure to arrive before 11:00am to get a good spot. Wanting to get a stroll inside this regal palace? Buckingham Palace is usually open to the public for guided tours in around August to September, make sure to check the official timetable and get your tickets in advance! Next to the palace are two of London’s royal parks, Green Park and St. James’s Park, feel free to take a walk after your visit and take in the refreshing scenery. A little fun fact for you to watch out during your visit, if the flag is flown in the palace, that means the queen is present in the palace carrying her royal duties or perhaps giving you a little wink.

  1. Big Ben

One cannot travel to London and not visit the Big Ben; it is the most recognised landmark of London. The Big Ben is actually London’s House of Parliaments, where bills and legislations are passed. The building was finally completed in 1859 after years of attempts. In fact the bell in the clock tower today is the exact same one from 1859. Located in the centre of London, Big Ben chimes every hour. Make sure to get to Big Ben around 15 to 20 minutes before the hour, appreciate the delicate yet breath taking building, take the perfect pictures then listen to the powerful chime. You will be blown away, I assure you! Big Ben has two very different sides of beauty during the day and night. If you have enough time, it’s worth visiting it twice during different hours. But if time were an issue, I would recommend visiting at night, when the entire building and the tower are lit up and reflected on River Thames. While the street is roaming with people and vehicles when everyone is trying to get home after a long day, an illuminated Big Ben strikes a chord of silence with its charm and elegance.

  1. Harrods

A perfect example of London being a professional in mixing modern and history today is the famous high-end department store – Harrods. Harrods was first built as a grocery store in 1849. After years of development and expansion, in 1901 to 1905, Harrods’ iconic dome like structure was built and kept till this day. Though one of the world’s best high-end department store, Harrods offers something to everyone; ranging from luxury fashion, to the most advanced technology and to an international food market. Even if you are not planning to do a shopping spree and break the bank a little in Harrods, this seven-floor department store is definitely worth a visit. Each floor has different themes and is designed by different artists, the magnificent interior design as well as its well known structure will put you in awe. Or perhaps step inside and imagine what life was like in the 20th century. If you are looking for an authentic British experience, I’ve got you covered! Harrods offers one of the best afternoon teas in London. Honestly nothing beats unwinding in an elegant tearoom while being inside a piece of history.

  1. Oxford Circus

Still on the hunt for another perfect place to shop in? Don’t worry! Oxford Circus might just be the place for you. Unlike Harrods, Oxford Circus is not a department store but a traffic crossing as well as a shopping paradise. Oxford Circus has a vast variety of stores, from budget to high street to high end. You will definitely find something that fits your budget in Oxford Circus! It’s also a great place to shop for souvenirs. Visit during the winter, and you will be blown away by one of the most romantic Christmas decorations. All stores in Oxford Circus will be dripping in fairy lights. You can also see the famous Christmas angels there. It’s truly breath taking and a great place to get that perfect Instagram travel picture. Christmas Lights in Oxford Circus are usually switched on in mid November till early January. So make sure to plan your travel ahead and do not miss this magical scene.

  1. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is the Time Square of London with its giant digital screen and all kinds of shops, restaurants and attraction sides. Piccadilly Circus is a road junction that joins a number of major streets in London together; it’s easy to walk to Piccadilly Circus from Oxford Circus. So the best plan is to do some shopping in Oxford Circus during the day then head to Piccadilly Circus at night for dinner and appreciate the lights. One of the busiest streets in London, you can see all kinds of things in Piccadilly Circus, sometimes you can even see street performers putting on their best show ever. If you are looking for local independent stores to shop from, you can head to Piccadilly Arcade. Stores in Piccadilly Arcade are often full of historical stories and are of the best qualities. Theatre is extremely famous in London. One of London’s famous theatres, the Piccadilly Theatre, is just right around the corner. Feel free to check what shows will be on that night and have a musical experience.

  1. Borough Market

Another busy spot for food during the day has got to be Borough Market. Be sure to visit with an empty stomach because trust me you would want to stuff your face with everything you see in the market. You can find all kinds of food in Borough Market, from fresh fruits, to traditional English cheese, seafood, dessert, truffles and all kinds of special drinks. Borough Market is like an indoor farmers’ market, you can get the freshest produce there. Borough Market in fact is actually another perfect example of mixing modern and history together. One of London’s oldest food market, Borough Market dates back to the 12th century. The market opens 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Friday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. Visit during lunch hours, get your lunch fixed and buy some special and tasty snacks for your friends and families back home!

  1. Camden

Tired of the historic tourists site? Up in Northwest London is Camden Town, a vibrant town next to the river with a street food market, all kinds of interesting shops and the perfect place for a fun night out. Most shops in Camden Town has their own unique exterior design, each shops makes an eye-catching picture! You can also buy special designs of fashion items in Camden Town. If you are hungry, the best thing to do is to grab a bite in the street food market, sit down near the river and enjoy your meal. Camden Town is a place that never sleeps, stay a bit later and have a fun night out with your mates!

  1. Brick Lane

Another fun part of London is Brick Lane. Like its name, buildings in Brick Lane are mostly built of age-old bricks from back in the days; the streets are also covered with cobblestones. As traditional as it sounds, Brick Lane is far from being traditional and boring. It is in fact a vibrant and exciting area in London when you can find some of the best vintage treasures in a bargain! Brick Lane is young and energetic, you can see amazing street art everywhere. And if that doesn’t make the ideal Instagram picture, I don’t know what does! The best time to visit Brick Lane is during the weekends at daytime when everyone is out and about, hunting for fun things! In Brick Lane Beigel Bake, you can get yourself one of the best beagles in town! So if you do visit Brick Lane, don’t forget to make a stop at the bakery.

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