South Korea

The lush green landscapes, the mesmerizing hilltops coupled with modern architecture and art makes South Korea the best place to spend awesome leisure time. With the enthralling tourists all the year round it one of the fastest developing countries that provides the best quality of life with the advanced education system. Now, as the world is dependent on the internet and broadband the country gleams as a pioneer with the best speed on the internet also it is one of the finest makers of electronic gadgets used all over the world. Presenting a wonderful stay comprising vibrant nightlife, futuristic architecture, incredible islands that are second to none, awesome heritage, and unforgettable Haute cuisines this amazing country is a must on every travel journal. With the best and bustling air routes get a fast flight from Sri Lanka to South Korea to bask in the sultry beaches and explore the buzzing country.

The bustling shopping places:

In Busan

The Haeundae District located in eastern Busan is a place where you get to shop in many stores for the products that you wish to buy. In Busan, we can easily find hot spots for shopping because there are a lot of open-air as well as high profile stores and outlets. The Busanjin is one of the best shopping malls which have many cloths, textile stores, and souvenirs available at a pocket-friendly rate. You can easily buy hanbok which is the traditional Korean attire. An unmatched variety of cotton materials ranging from silk to rayon, from cotton to satin clothes designed in different print patterns with indigenous prints and craftsmanship are available here.

 In Daegu

Daegu is an exotic place for shopping. There are several shopping malls and also many handy stores on the streets which sell trending designer garments and many fashion accessories. you can also find an array of items made of leather, linen, brass items, wall fabrics, shoes, blankets, brassware, handicrafts, herbal medicines as well as books. This city is very famous in South Korea for medicinal herbs and different textiles. Daegu is also known as Beauty’s City, Textile City, and Fashion City. You can never be satisfied in the city unless you visit this beautiful place.

 In Incheon

One of the best places to shop is Incheon as it is decked up with different stores where you can shop. It has an abundance of conventional markets and multi-storeyed shopping malls. Not only does the place offer best in kind shopping but it also brings fresh seafood; visit the Incheon complex Fish Market, Soraepogu Fish Market, or else you can even go to one of the ports in Incheon. The Bupeyeong or Sinpo International market is one of the simple traditional markets which are held for 5 days a week. Many shoppers stop at Songdo IBD which stands for Sondo International Business District which is open all days of the year.

The unprecedented islands:

The country cloaks some of the best islands in the world, whether in the chilling breeze at night on the shores or listening to the roars of the unruly waters in the day, these god-made volcanic landscapes and underground caves are a pleasure. The spectacles strike best shot for adventure sports like hiking, trekking with panoramic views.Some of the popular and perfect crowning glories with deep blue-hued waters and bronzed sands are Muuido Island, Jindo Island, Geoje Island, Jeju Island, and Hongdo Island.

For the love of Food

South Korea is known for its delicacies and mouth-watering dishes. Some of the best and must-try foods that portray authenticity and exquisite cuisines are:

Bulgogi (marinated beef barbecue), to satiate the taste buds and still keep the after taste of the juicy savories is none other than the bulgogi. Known to be the most relished culinary dishes it is also ranked in polls for the best food in the world. Flavors of meat ooze the juices of grilled garlic and onion wrapped in lettuce – it makes an appetizing treat.

Kimchi (fermented vegetables), talk about authenticity and Kimchi stands the first ion order. It is made with fermented vegetables and the key factor of the dish is its high nutritional value. It is well known for its fiber and calorie content that makes it a significant dish.

Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup),one of the creamiest and buttery flavored foods which are also great in nutritional value is Samgyetang. Made with simple sand common ingredient yet it exhibits flavors and aroma with, garlic, Korean ginseng, and spices.


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