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Palma is home to many interesting places, but the real beauty of the island is found in the unspoiled countryside and its hiking routes

The people that have already been to Mallorca, say that there are many different ways for enjoying the island without getting sunburnt. They are also thankful for the fact that when it comes to the Balearic Islands, Ibiza gets all the attention and massive crowds of tourists as well.

Even though a large number of tourists, mostly from the UK, Germany and the Scandinavian region, have started to flock in Mallorca, the island is not as much crowded as Ibiza. The latter turns into a clubbing paradise during the summer season that runs from May to October. Afterwards, the island is much quieter. In the meantime, out-of-season tourists start to come in Mallorca when summer is over and the temperatures begin to cool down and it feels like fall. This can mean only one thing: It’s time for hiking.

Start your hiking adventure in Mallorca

Mallorca is famous among the fans of outdoor activities for having some of the best hiking routes in Europe. Not everyone loves summer vacations on the beach. There are people that like to play it cool. They go and explore new places and sometimes without no specific purpose. They can also chase unknown trails that run through beautiful countryside and along the scenic coastline of Mallorca.

Even those who are not avid hikers can wander around the capital Palma and to nearby cities like Soller. A hiking trip can start with a visit to the museum of surrealist painter Joan Miro, to La Seu Cathedral, which was built in the site of a mosque and restored based on a project designed by Antoni Gaudi and many other places within the city.

Palma is home to many interesting places, but the real beauty of the island is found in the unspoiled countryside. This is a part that not all the visitors that come to the island explore. Colonies from different civilizations have been established in Mallorca during its history. There were Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Iberians, Arabs, etc. They all have left their footprints in the Islands and hiking trails are some of them. There are walking routes that have been used since centuries by the colonials, the inhabitants and the pirates.

Nowadays they are used by Mallorcans and hikers. Walking routes vary in the length and difficulty. Some of them are family-friendly while others require specific hiking skills.

Avid hikers can walk the Torrent de Pareis, the Dry Stone Route, Cuber to Lluc via Puig Massanella, Valldemossa Circuit and Barranc de Biniaraix, Cornadors and S’Arrom.

In the meantime, others can choose among numerous easy and medium walks. You can find more details about these routes and information for hiking trips to Mallorca at

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