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The city of Albuquerque is full of interesting history that dates back to over 12,000 years ago. It is an amazing place to visit and discover the history of the Southwest. It is also a great place to live and there happens to be plenty of homes for sale in Mariposa, right in the middle of this historically rich area.

Francisco Cuervo y Valdes Was The Founder

Francisco Cuervo y Valdes founded the area on April 23, 1705 and declared the area La Villa de San Fran Xavier de Albuquerque. He drafted a document declaring that he discovered the area back in the early 1700s and a new villa was built. It was home to 35 families with streets, houses, and a church. The church was actually built in 1793 and still stands to this day. It is a historical landmark that is well-known throughout the state of New Mexico.

The Railroad Era Put Albuquerque on the Map

In 1880, the first train pulled into Albuquerque and that was the start of the development of a new town. Walter Marmon was a civil engineer that was hired to lay out the new town, which was to be designed similar to towns across the Midwest. Albuquerque was named an official town in 1885 and Henry N. Jaffa was named the first mayor. This was the beginning of the rapid growth of the town of Albuquerque.

A Growing Population

By the turn of the century, Albuquerque was booming and had a population of around 6,200 people. The growing town of Albuquerque became known as one of the best areas for employment. The American Lumber Company called Albuquerque home and was one of the largest employers in the country at the time. The need for workers, along with the dry climate, were big reasons why many migrated to the area and Albuquerque still continues to grow to this day offering many opportunities.

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