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Holiday Inn Express Blowing Rock, NC

At A Glance:

Exploring all the best the city offers has never been as easy as with a room at Holiday Inn Express Blowing Rock. In addition to its accessible location, guests will also appreciate its clean, thoughtfully furnished rooms designed to provide upscale comforts to both business and pleasure travelers.

Reserve your hotel room at Holiday Inn Express Blowing Rock with

You Should Know:

  • Spacious, non-smoking rooms with free Wi-Fi, LCD and other modern amenities
  • Charming indoor pool comes outfitted with complimentary recliners and chairs
  • Free breakfast every morning
  • Ready-for-use gym equipment in the fitness room
  • Business-friendly establishment with fax and print services, and a computer station
  • Cozy lobby with coffee-making facility and free newspapers
  • Free parking and local calls
  • 24-hour staffed reception

In and Around:

  • Make a memorable historic adventure with passes to the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum
  • The Blowing Rock is within 2 kilometers of the hotel
  • Families can enjoy a leisurely walk around Broyhill Park
  • Or visit Moses H. Cone Memorial Park for a rewarding afternoon
  • Enjoy skiing with friends at nearby Appalachian Ski Mtn.
  • Make lounging in the lobby more pleasurable with a fireplace and cable-ready TV
  • Appreciate the convenience of in-room refrigerators and microwaves for preparing and storing food
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8 Best Destinations To Travel With A Baby

If you’ve recently had a baby you will have experienced a lot of change in the past few months, but eventually the time comes when you feel ready to get back to your normal life. As part of this, you might be considering a well-earned holiday. Thing is, it’s a little different planning a trip now you’ve got to factor your baby into the equation. You might be concerned about long-haul travel, flying, jet lag, dealing with different temperatures and perhaps even sanitation for your little one. There’s a lot to take into consideration before you book a holiday for your family.

But don’t be put off by this, travelling with a baby can be very rewarding, not to mention you’ll make some great memories to treasure forever. All you need to do is decide on a family-friendly destination that is going to make travelling with your little one as easy and enjoyable as possible. To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of eight of the best holiday destinations from around the world for travelling with a baby. Check out the full guide below.

  1. The Netherlands

There are some obvious activities we associate with the Netherlands that are definitely not family-friendly! But don’t be fooled by this part of its reputation, this nation is perfectly suited for family travel and the beautiful cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are particular highlights. It’s easy to get around on foot so you have the option of carriers or pushchairs and there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy with your little one. You can enjoy the many parks and museums, and even take a boat ride along the canals. The Dutch are very welcoming and will do all they can to accommodate your family, making travelling here very easy.

  1. Japan

If you’re concerned about sanitation or hygiene for a young baby, Japan could be the perfect holiday destination for you. Hotels, supermarkets and attractions are kept extremely clean and sanitised regularly, there are also comfortable changing and nursing rooms scattered throughout the cities. And if in doubt, you’ll almost always find a changing station in large supermarkets. You can enjoy the many family-friendly cafes and restaurants with soft play areas for your little ones to play, as you dine on the delicious local cuisine. And to top it all off, Japan has a very welcoming approach to breastfeeding which can often be a worry for new mums when travelling to new countries.

  1. Bali

If you want a relaxing break and some of the most stunning beaches in the world, Bali is well equipped for family travel. You don’t have to lug all the baby’s equipment over with you either as you can rent things like pushchairs and carriers when you arrive, at very affordable prices. The Balinese people are very friendly and respectful towards families and most restaurants and hotels are equipped for young babies. You can even find very affordable childcare if you fancied an adults-only night out.

  1. Spain

Spain is a very popular holiday destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, cities and reasonable temperatures all year round. There are plenty of baby-friendly activities to enjoy, from days on the beach to exploring exciting cities like Barcelona; public transport is very easy to navigate and, in most places, it’s easy to get around by foot anyway. Because it is such a popular destination many resorts can accommodate for families and young children and better still, if you go at the right time of year you can enjoy the sun without having to worry about it being too hot for the baby.

  1. North America

North America is a very big place, which means there are plenty of family-friendly destinations to choose from here. Big cities like New York and San Diego are easy to get around on foot, and there’s always plenty to see and do. Not to mention that Americans love their food and therefore most restaurants can accommodate for families and babies.

But if cities aren’t for you or you don’t want to spend your entire holiday in the hustle and bustle of the city, there are plenty of national parks you can visit and outdoor activities you can take part in too. Most can accommodate for pushchairs, but carriers can be easy if you’re on your feet all day. So if you choose North America you’ll also have the option to choose days out taking in the fresh air and letting baby enjoy nature.

  1. Greece

Because Greek people are so family-oriented this is a great place to travel with children and babies. Most resorts will be equipped for little ones, providing cots and highchairs, and quite often because of the family feel, young children can eat free in restaurants. So if you’re looking for a budget holiday with beautiful beaches and great food – Greece could be the place for your family.

  1. Italy

This beautiful country is also very family-orientated and spending the evening enjoying good food with family is an important past time. The Italians are very polite and keen to help, so most restaurants and hotels are able to accommodate babies. You can enjoy the small towns or head to bigger cities like Milan, either way, you’ll feel well looked after and have plenty to explore. With a number of attractions being outdoors such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it’s easy enough to take your little one with you.

  1. Scandinavia

Arguably nowhere in the world is better equipped for family travel than Scandinavia. The organised Nords make public transport, getting around the cities and looking after your baby very easy. In fact, in places like Sweden, parents with pushchairs can actually ride the bus for free. And no matter where you choose to go, be it Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland, you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking views. Not to mention many of the attractions are set up to be family friendly. Finally, most locations here (particularly big cities) are equipped with special family toilets and changing facilities so you don’t have to worry about being caught out or struggling to find a changing station.

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Discovering the History of Your Faith

Planning a tour may be an exciting activity for you. Exploring the best tourist spots all over the world is your goal as a traveler. If you are a fan of the land and its structures, you might want to visit countries with great architectural buildings. Art enthusiasts may prefer going to countries with known painters and sculptors. Those who are into water forms may choose to visit different beaches, lakes, and falls.

But there are also faith devotees who may most likely explore the sites where their religion began. An example is going on an LDS Holy Land tour. If you are interested in joining your group of LDS disciples, you may consider this special pursuit of learning about the history and the places in the Holy Land. This tour may have all the advantages for travelers, especially the food, place to stay, and transportation. Going to this country may take a lot of preparation. Here are some tips for packing before taking this trip:

  1. Conditioning

Expect that you will be tired from the plane travel to the visits to historical sites. Be prepared by doing some training or going to the gym. Try to jog in the morning or at night to help you cope up with the amount of sweat and energy that you may need to exert while on the trip. It is an advantage to have a healthy body and lifestyle to manage the long hours of walking and climbing the stairs. Be ready for physical activity.

  1. Luggage

Prepare light clothes, hats, sunglasses, walking shoes, and sunscreen lotion. This is a hot country, with the sun’s heat directly on your skin. To prevent you from sweating heavily, wear only light-colored clothes. Still, make sure to choose what to dress depending on where you are going.

It is better to ask your tour guide. There may be some places that may require clothes that are not too revealing. Bring your most comfortable shoes such as your rubber shoes. Use sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the extreme heat. Lastly, do not ever forget to wear and keep your sunscreen with you.

  1. Spirituality

If you can bring your own spiritual book, you may use it while on the trip. As you explore the places where the first believers lived in, you may get to think about your own faith and understanding. Revisit your guide and reflect well. This can help you get to know yourself better, your faith, and your religion. You may also prepare a map to help you recognize and appreciate the beautiful structures and sites in the Holy Land. Keep this with you along the way.

This kind of journey can help you and your fellow faith believers grasp the concrete concept of your beliefs. Be open to the time for contemplation as it extends and makes you think deeper about yourself and your doctrine. Be guided with the teachings of your religion and the advice of the people with you.

Travel & Leisure

The Hampton Inn Edmond, OK

At A Glance:

Enjoy sophisticated amenities when choosing Hampton Inn Edmond. Featuring free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, and gym, guests can expect a grand time when staying in the family- and business-friendly property close to E.C. Hafer Park and Edmond Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Reserve your hotel room at Hampton Inn Edmond with

You Should Know:

· Smoking and non-smoking modern guestrooms generously equipped with upscale home conveniences

· Well-equipped business center features high-end office essentials and service

· Loads of sophisticated weight- and cardio-training equipment in the fitness center

· Free parking, Wi-Fi, and breakfast

· Rejuvenating indoor pool and spa tub with a friendly atmosphere

· Audio/visual equipment and other standard amenities in the meeting room

· Front desk with 24-hour staff

· Coffee and newspapers in the cozy, stylishly adorned lobby

In and Around:

· Only 4 kilometers to the Edmond Convention & Visitors Bureau

· Enjoy the nearness of Pelican Bay Aquatic Center when up for wildlife encounters

· Enjoy sensational views and lovely sunsets at Arcadia Lake

· Appreciate the nearness of the University of Central Oklahoma

· Try a swim in the pool or dip in the spa tub to rejuvenate after a long day out

· Delight in hearty breakfast options like pastries and cereals every morning for free


The 10 keys to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent in Newcastle

1. Choose an Agent to Represent You

Selling or buying a home is, in most cases, the largest asset transaction that we will carry out in our lives. In a situation of this importance, it seems interesting to be advised by the best professional.

If we have a health problem, we try to contact the best specialists, we trust them and we put ourselves in their hands with the certainty that they will solve that problem. If we have a legal problem, we try to go to the best lawyer, the one who will represent our interests, who will defend us from the other side of the conflict, and we would not consider it ethical for our lawyer to represent our interest and that of our opponent.

Surprisingly, when we choose a Real Estate Agent Newcastle, we rarely give the process the importance it deserves. Firstly, we do not routinely seek someone to represent us, perhaps because we are unaware that these professionals exist in the market. This agent will comply with a strict ethical code of behavior, which will be available to its clients, will tell them exactly all the fees or commissions that it receives and, above all, will put the client’s interests above their own.

Given the entire above, one of the first questions that a real estate professional must ask is how he works, whether he mediates intermediates or represents. It will be interesting the one that represents us and defends our interests since it will be a real Estate Agent In Newcastle .

2. Trust, an Important Factor

On the other hand, both the sale and the purchase of a home is an act with a very high emotional component, so it is very important to be sure that the agent is the person you trust. Interview him, ask him all the doubts. At the end of the day you will put the sale or purchase of your home in your hands and you have the right to satisfy all your doubts. In this meeting, you will be able to appreciate the solvency of the agent and his ethics. Do not hesitate to ask for references from other clients,

3. A well-trained professional

Seeing all of the above, value your training. A real estate agent must have multidisciplinary training. The best agents have extensive legal, economic, psychological, NLP, negotiation, marketing, advertising, valuation, etc. knowledge. Ask him about his university training, if he belongs to the College of Real Estate Agents, if his learning is constant and what kind of training he receives, if he has any type of accreditation or international designation, and ask him about the formation of his team too.

4. Experience is a Degree

Get some information about their involvement with the segment and their execution in the zone where you need to sell or purchase your home. This involvement with the territory promises you the information available and, most importantly, access to a huge client base. Moreover, remaining in a territory ensures that you can be working superbly.

5. The Marketing Plan

To make a home shine on the market, it is important to do prior work before putting it up for sale and to spread it properly. This is all marketing. Many agents will talk to you about your marketing plan, so ask them to show it to you, to introduce you to the members of your marketing team, to explain to you which professionals or companies they work with, to value their work with home staging or other novel techniques.

6. The Qualification of Clients

Ask them to tell you how they visit the property. A good Real Estate Agent Newcastle will have no problem explaining the qualification of buyers or sellers. Assess that depending on their personality they will be able to attract and retain customers or drive them away.

7. Support throughout the Buying and Selling Process

Value the comprehensive service throughout the entire process. This service will be better depending on the professional’s support team, their specialization and the enthusiasm and passion they develop as a team. Remember that you have to work in valuation, legal assistance throughout the process, financial assistance, administrative structure, marketing and communication, advertising, management, advertising weapons and proven experience in negotiation.

8. Participation of a MLS and Assignments

It is likewise significant that you evaluate which proficient associations you have a place with, Revival is the biggest MLS in Valladolid, College of Real Estate Agents, national concurrences with the best realtors, for example, CRS, explicit consistence with the most prohibitive moral code, for example, REALTOR. This, and then some, adds to the realtor offering straightforwardness to the procedure; and straightforwardness is security and an assurance of a great job.

9. The Valuation of your Home

Assess the time to market for the property and the valuation price of your home. There are agents, who overvalue the homes to get the order from the sellers, but the best agents are not those who give you their ears with siren songs but those who tell you the truth by contrasting data, showing you objective and reliable sources and preparing a complete comparative market analysis that will help you defend the price.

10. Your Real Estate Agent’s Fees

Lastly, assess the fees your agent will charge. Normally the fees range from 3% to 6%. The fees are usually charged based on what the agent will invest in the marketing plan of your home. If the agent puts a sign, an internet ad, and parsley on San Pancracio to bring up buyers, a 3% fee can be abusive.